Weekly Naruto: Chapter 556

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We all know now that the only way to take out the strongest shield is to use the strongest sword. Well, that’s only if the person who possess the strongest shield uses the strongest sword on him or herself. So the lesson we have all learned last chapter is to not run with scissors. This chapter will most certainly be about Gaara fighting the Mizukage, will this be the end of Gaara as we know it?


Naw, Gaara can die, we’ve all seen it before. But he cannot stay dead for long, we in the business call this the Goku syndrome. This battle is not going great for Gaara so far. For one he had already taken out a bunch of Kage before this fight, so he is already tired, and two the Mizukage has some sort of oily ability to seep through Gaara’s sand and make it unusable. However, what the Mizukage does not have is a friend to watch his back, like Gaara has with Onoki. They both work together to unearth the clam from the ground and destroy it.

What I really like about Naruto is that even it’s most old and decrepit old men can still kick tons of ass, like Onoki for example. Someway, somehow he was able to destroy a giant clam with a punch. Yes, his fist might have been a giant rock, but it must have been one of those one-inch punches because it didn’t even leave the clams shell!

The fight continues, and Onoki almost dies, but he has Gaara there to protect him as well. Man they make a great team. In the end, not even Gaara’s craziest sand coffin technique could hold him for long. For we learn that he possess the power of the infinite explosions technique.


I really like all these new Kage characters we have been meeting throughout this war, but I’m starting to feel sad that they are all going away so soon! That’s not really a complaint, but this chapter was pretty straight forward, so I have no real complaints about it.


This chapter really did play me for the fool on many occasions when I expected it to be over when it wasn’t. This is a good thing because I was going to complain that these fights seem to be really easy for our heroes, but not anymore. I’m interested in seeing just how powerful this infinite explosion technique really is.

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Wow I need to read this chapter. And I hope the Infinite in Infinite Explosions is just hyperbole

Post by Destinyheroknight (10,513 posts) See mini bio Level 21

I wondering what Naruto doing now, did he hurt his leg again?

And why isn't Kabuto..... You know what, I don't care anymore (I can't wait to see Itachi beat the dumb out of Kabuto)

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well, i dunno if Onoki will survive much longer, since he pretty much got shot with a pistol. but this mizukage is deadly awesome.

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This was a suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper boring issue.

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@Om1kron: Gotta have boring issues as build up for good ones.

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@DXmagma said:

@Om1kron: Gotta have boring issues as build up for good ones.

I know, I know =(

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