The 1 thing you want to see?

Topic started by sickVisionz on Nov. 27, 2011. Last post by JonSmith 3 years, 3 months ago.
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And no, I don't mean something completely impossible like Naruto-Sasuke sex or some hater talk like, "they cancel it." This one is for the fans. If you could have your way and make something at least moderately plausible happen, what would you want?

For me, the #1 would be Orochimaru brought back as an Edo Zombie with a pair of sharingan eyes similar to how the Jinchus got brought back with a rinnegan and sharingan. He always wanted them and I'd like to see what he could do with them. He always got Rodney Dangerfield'ed and played like a chump for almost all of Shippudden so it'd be nice to see him comeback powerful and not as an opponent who gets one hit ko'd with minimal effort by every Uchiha and their mom. ESPECIALLY since people like the Kages and even some of the chump level baddies guarding the Kages were able to put up a fight (or at least stay in the fight) against Sasuke and other Uchiha.

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Sasuke getting kill by his brother

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Sasuke coming to his senses and getting his ass whopped, I dont think oro can come back since Itachi sealed his soul with that sword.

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@sickVisionz said:

 Naruto-Sasuke sex

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It'd be nice if Sasuke and Itachi met up, revealed that they'd both set a long plan in motion to take down Madara, Tobi, Orochimaru, etc, and all of this: Sasuke getting the Cursed Seal, leaving the village, learning from Orochimaru, killing him, following Tobi, taking down Danzo, and even Itachi so that he could be brought back with the Edo Tensei Jutsu completely healed, and with his mind free of it... All of it an elaborate plan to kill 'em all and once it's done, Sasuke and Itachi will reveal they were good guys all along, submit to any punishment that the Clans deem fit, and they all live relatively happily ever after.

Before the entire village is wiped out by Naruto consuming so much ramen in celebration that he explodes with the force of a nuke.

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