Something goofy that i've always wondered about

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The technology in the series has always amazed me.  I've seen characters use a radio and I've seen computers and high tech medical gear... but for some reason when one village needs to contact another, they use dogs or pigeons to send a message.  Sometimes it takes days for the message to get across.  Why does nobody ever use a phone or something faster than animals?
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Well Hidden Villages are suppose to be hidden. You can't use big cars to drive through a forest or the same way with a phone. Anyone can possibly intercept a phone message and animals are more reliable in a way that they can at least fight back or terminate the message somehow. Even if it takes longer it is still more effective. The other possibility is Kishimoto puts in whatever he likes. 
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Their are a few possible reasons.
  1. The technologies could be in their infant stages - We've seen things that we would consider to be more efficient then the methods that the ninja's use, but what guarantee do we have that they are on par with ours? Maybe the radio's can only work within a short distance of each other. Maybe the internet wasn't invented yet and Computers are nothing more then glorified books. Etc Etc. If this is the case then it's likely more effective to use the old methods then the new ones.
  2. Security reasons- What makes us think that it Isn't normal to use those technologies for communication? It's possible that it's much easier for enemy ninja's to intercept messages from the computer/radio then it is from a messenger hawk and that methods like that are reserved for Top secret messages.
  3. It may not be cost effective- Maybe technologies like those are too expensive to use and it's cheaper to use the other methods.
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That always bugged me. When I first watched it i thought it was based on feudal Japan. But technology kept creeping in like plastics, electronics, movies even video games.  But i suppose Hidden Lead village is still a village hidden in the countryside, so technology would be slower to adopt. It's like some villages here are just starting to figure out the internet. 
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@rein: They use them for more than just basic word processing so I think they're pretty powerful computers. Maybe they can't do 3D rendering of a heart in real time, but even 80s computers could send emails and log on to BBS.

What makes us think that it Isn't normal to use those technologies for communication?

The fact that they've never been shown to use it and I've seen villages needing immediate help from others and their actions suggest that they think a bird is a faster way to do this than calling someone or some other form of electronic communication.

As far as security, I mean this stuff was secure enough for countries back in the 1930s and 40s where the technology was far less than what ninja villages have been shown to possess. Plus, you'd think a ninja village would find a way to have secure lines of electronic communication. It's not like it's impossible to do.

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