Should I even bother to start watching Naruto?

Topic started by AjayRaz on Oct. 24, 2009. Last post by Chengy 5 years, 5 months ago.
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i've been told by many that Naruto is a great series, but looking at all of it, it's a bit overwhelming. if I even bothered to start watching the show, i'd have to go through 200 episodes!!! and i think there's another series too (correct me if i'm wrong) and it's all just so much x_x 
so, Anime Vice community, should I bother to watch Naruto and go through all the episodes? is it worth it now?  
thanks, you guys have always been helpful to me ^^  
plus... sakura is kinda cute >_> 
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Why not read the manga then you wont have to go through filler.
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Thats the good and bad thing with all none ending anime, there is a lot of content, but at the least some of it is usually not that good. First of all, try to determine if you think you would even like it. If you haven't watched that many anime, its easy to me impressed with a lot of the things Naruto does (thats how it was for me when i watched it around when it just started). But you can probably find other similar, and shorter series to enjoy even more. I could give examples, but lets focus on this one series instead for now.
Naruto is a good show for the action and character designs. The plot isn't that great or compelling, and the characters aren't that deep. The world the series takes place in is really well portrayed and feel original though. The action is where its at, and most of the time its well animated. The animation quality differs a lot in this series though, from some of the best i have ever seen (as expected when Gainax gets on the case) to some of the worst anime i have seen. (remember the Naruto vs. Kiba fight anyone?). The action is not only well animated, but is more based on tactics and to some extent teamwork rather then overpowering the opponents like in most other shonen action series. At the least until later in the series where it shifts more towards power levels and super attacks, but there is still some tactics even then. 
There are many cahracters to like, and just as many to hate so you will easily find someone to like and someone to hate. Not much happens withe the characters though, except in a few cases, and then the character development can be really good. You will probably like the sporting cast more then the main characters though. Everything feel really complex though, plot events tie together and cahracters have their relations to one another back and forth, and it can make it feel like the story is really complex even though there isn't much depth behind everything.
The main problem with the series is the slow pacing. It they could make some sort of remake like with Dragon Ball Kai that would be neat (although there isn't really as much to cut from Naruto as there was in Dragon Ball Z i guess). Another plus with this anime is that it has the best soundtrack ever in my opinion, as its unique and not just boring orchestral themes for everything. When there is a fight the music lets you know its time to kick ass. So there are many ups and downs. Read through this and what others have to say (although its hard to get an objective take on this and other shonen action series). 
My ultimate suggestion is to watch the first 19 episodes
as this is the first story arc. Its well animated, give you an introduction to the main cahracters, lets you know the pacing and how the action works. Also has some good action. If you like it, keep watching some, the second story arc is probably my favorite, although its a typical tournament type setup to give stock characters some time in the spotlight (and many of them are great so this isn't a bad thing). Then the story gets more intensive, the pacing gets a bit worse and you either keep liking it, or grow tired of it.
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
just read the manga, is like few times better
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I say no. It has some good episodes but it gets tedious after the 50th or so.  
And yes, there's another series Shippuden, which is better but still not great. And is also like 150 episodes long I think, and it hasn't ended >_> 
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Trust me it's gay
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While the anime is pretty long (and the second series), I recommend it if you are looking for ninja action.  There is tons of filler in the first series, which is a shame so maybe you might be better off reading the manga.  While the story can get over the top some times, I find it to be enjoyable.  You can also watch all the episodes on Hulu, which is nice.
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I can't seriously recommend the manga, since the art style in the first few chapters is awful (in my own opinion, anyway), and you don't get to hear the awesome soundtrack. I stopped reading after maybe 5 chapters, while I could watch the anime up until the fillers (don't remember which episode).
So I'll just echo Lance McCloud's sentiments =p.
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Naruto makes me wish there were shows like it when I was younger.  I was stuck with stupid shows like He-Man...  One-dimensional characters that treated their audience like idiots. 
I remember watching the first 100 or so episodes of Naruto on youtube(back when you could do that sort of thing on youtube).  I'm usually not into that sort of anime, preteen and tween demographic stuff, but I was totally hooked.  Naruto is the most popular program with boys under the age of 16(or so I heard).  So I had to give it a chance.  I was totally hooked.  I was impressed with the show, and the continuing narrative had me hooked.  I plan to watch the whole series...  I just haven't got back into it yet... 
There is a lot of content...  But I think it's worth it...  I think Naruto is a quality show...
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@Lance_McCloud: wow! thanks alot. very informative. i'll check out the first 19 eps then 
@JJOR64: it would be nice to watch them on Hulu, but i live in Canada :(  
@Arjuna: when I was younger, my local cartoon channel showed Cardcaptors, which was really cool ^^ 
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@AjayRaz: Sure thing, im happy you found it helpfull. Its to hard to find objective opinions on something like this, as I think this thread shows, so I thought I would give my take on the series. I really liked it a lot once, but then I grew into other things but I still like it overall. I can see and understand people like it even more then I did as well. Could be worth having seen some of it just to get an idea of what all the fuss is about as well.
 @Thebadboy: Dont use the word gay as an insult. Its stupid, immature and don't make any sens.
@Arjuna: Naruto is only the most popular anime show for its demographic in the US though. In Japan, One Piece is definitively more popular.
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@AjayRaz: I have been asking myself this question for a year now =P I feel like I should, if only to understand all the stuff about the show...but on the other hand, I don't seem to miss out on all THAT much about it, and frankly, I don't have the time! Plus, i almost never follow long shounen shows...i think the longest I ever went was some 80ish episodes of Bleach, and that primarily because my friends hosted a big Bleach marathon where we watched the first ~20 or so episodes, and then later another one where I watched the rest =P
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@AjayRaz:  I think Naruto is a good series, their are parts which are major meh, id advise you to watch up to when Sasuke leaves, then skip all the episodes after and watch shippuuden, Shippuuden is like the main story pretty much, the original Naruto is more like a introductory to the characters and the story, the real story starts in shippuuden.
@gia: You should probably finish Bleach, it doesnt help that you keep getting stuck in the middle of the terrible filler arcs lol, id advise you to skip episode 64 - 109 as its all Bount arc filler which is rubbish and skip episode 168 - 189 as its the second filler arc. The Bount arc is terrible, the second one is alright the latest one at episode 230 is brilliant. I watched the whole series then watched the filler arcs after,
Just like Naruto it would be better to watch the show and skip filler, come back to it later if you feel like it.
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