Quick Picks: Thanksgiving!

Topic started by ethan on Nov. 24, 2010. Last post by FoxxFireArt 4 years, 4 months ago.
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  Manga Releases 
7 Billion Needles Vol. 2 Vertical, Inc.$10.95 11/23/10 
Ghost Hunt Vol. 11 Del Rey $11.99 11/23/10 
I Am Here! Vol. 1 Del Rey $16.99 11/23/10 
Papillon Vol. 5/6 Del Rey $17.99 11/23/10 
Psycho Busters Vol. 6/7 Del Rey $17.99 11/23/10
Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei Vol. 8Del Rey $10.99 11/23/10 
Tsubasa (Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE) Vol. 28 Del Rey $10.99 11/23/10 

Anime Releases 

Desert Punk: The Complete Box Set (Viridian Collection) FUNimation $39.98 11/23/10 
Ghost Sweeper: Mikami Section 23 $49.98 11/23/10 
Girls Bravo: The Complete Box Set  FUNimation $49.98 11/23/10 
Kaleido Star: Season One FUNimation $39.98 11/23/10 
Kurokami 4Bandai Entertainment $29.98 11/23/10 
Kurokami 4 (Blu-Ray) Bandai Entertainment $24.98 11/23/10 
Sekirei: Season One FUNimation $49.98 11/23/10 

Miscellaneous Releases

Cinderella: The POP Wonderland Series HCDark Horse    $16.99 11/23/10 
Naruto  Anime Profiles Vol. 3: Episodes 81-13 VIZ Media $17.99 11/23/10 
Guest post by sora_thekey
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My buddy has Desert Punk so I'll just borrow it since I've seen half the series anyway. As for Girls Bravo I bought the 6 volume set over a year ago (man it was not cheap!) and it's a silly and hilarious harem with lots of bouncing breasts! There are some very recognizable voices, too. My pride and joy of this week's choices is of course Sekirei. RightStuf has it for $30 and is one of my favorite harem anime as it has one of the best protagonists I've seen in the genre (and come on, who doesn't like hot chicks fighting naked?!). Tsukiumi is my pick.

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I'm a big fan of the High School genre in anime and manga which is why the first volume of I Am Here! caught my eye. This manga is about a lonely school girl who's friends are those who read her blog in the internet, that is until the guy of her dreams talks to her for the first time. It is obviously a shoujo so most of you will probably ignore my manga pick, which is why my anime pick is more to everybody's liking.  
The first season of Sekirei takes the phrase "bust out your superpowers" to a literal sense. The anime is about super powered heroines that don't go toe-to-toe, but rather go chest-to-chest against each other. If that still doesn't catch your interest than maybe you would be interested in an anime directed by the same person responsible for Sailor Moon and Princess Tutu. Kaleido Star is about Sora (no relation) a talented acrobat from Japan who must overcome challenges so she can perfomr on the Kaleido Stage in California.   
If only I had the money to buy them... Quick! Somebody buy it and the let me borrow them!
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I watched some desert punk. It was aggressively bad.
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Online Now
FUNimation has the full first season of Girls Bravo airing on their youtube channel. I loved that anime. It's a series for you if you like breasts.
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