Power of Hyuga clan

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How strong would Hinata and Neji be if they wore and trained with the weights lee's wears 24/7 on their arms and legs.
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i'll be moving this topic to Just Manga (wish I could move it in the Naruto forums but I can't). It really isn't General Discussion.

As for your question, those characters' strong suits are not to train that extensively. They'd probably become more agile I suppose...
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It would increase there speed slightly
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Actually, according to Lee although he was incredibly fast in the chunin exams, he said Neji was the strongest. Neji's gentile fist apparently is equal as Lee's taijutsu. But Neji having the Byakugan and jutsu it gave him the extra advantage specially rotation.

Neji's rotation is ultimate defense its as strong as Gaara's sand armor. Ten Ten said it when Neji used it the first time.

If Neji and Hinata are so powerful in normal state and fast as hell! their speed probably tippled and they be unbeatable.. I don't understand why Neji been in Guy's team, I don't understand why he does not wear them, he is a genius and is obvious that they work for Lee. he should acknowledge this and do it :) 

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Adding weights wont to much for gentle fist style.
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a tad tougher
Post by Nerx (13,853 posts) See mini bio Level 12
a tad tougher
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