Pain vs. Naruto/Nine Tails animation was well......

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Silly, and goofy.

What where the animators thinking? Did they just say, "F**k it lets screw around."

The battle was somewhat(well sort of alright with some "what the hell is Pain doing moments," imo) cool, but the animation of Pain just made me laugh out load from the goofy animation they gave him.

Did any of you like it?

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Did any of you like it?
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I remember commented on the Sakuga part of the arc. I'm quoting him somewhat. His talks on Pain's animation and movements of being a puppet was cool and foreshadow the revelation and the truth behind Nagato and Pain's story.

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If only they used the animation from the fillers.

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It's my favorite episode/fight of the series. Some of it is stylized over the top (really just the 1 second pain face) but the other 23:59 is damn near movie quality animation that looks pretty amazing. Even the none-combat stuff looks pretty amazing and is well put together. I thought the fight was pretty crappy in the manga. It was incredibly short and the panels just looked like Naruto went Kyuubi, spun in a circle, and then it was straight to Chibaku Tensei. Extremely disappointing for a fight that the entire series had been building up to.

@nishi99 said:

If only they used the animation from the fillers.

Even the best looking filler doesn't look as good as this episode for as long as this episode looks good... and anything less than the very best of filler looks waaaaaaaaaaaaay worse.

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@othus12: LMFAO! xD

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