Need help finding Naruto manga chapter...

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I stopped reading Naruto a long time ago. I'm planning on reading it again but I can't find the chapter I'm looking for. I've read the part where Sasuker goes to the Kage summit. I've also read the part where Guy fights Kisame and kills him... that's all I could remember right now.

Maybe I might have stopped in the middle of Guy vs Kisame fight

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I believe it was chapter 506

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Guy vs Kisame (Second Fight) on Turtle Island happened in Chapter 506. His death happened in Chapter 508.

If you have read nothing after these events, I would just start off at Chapter 506 and begin from there. Given its the last thing you can remember, it would be best to pick things up from that point.

Its currently on Chapter 611, just so you can get the scale of what you need to catch up on.

Edit: @Destinyheroknight: You beat me to it haha.

Post by st0nnec0ld (52 posts) See mini bio Level 7

@Destinyheroknight: @Yusuke52: Thanks guys :)

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