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Since I'm a new wiki mod, I encounter folks who want to change names of Naruto characters and other things in the wiki queue. Because I dropped a Naruto a long time ago, all I have to depend on is Naruto Wikia, FoxxFireArt, and you guys and gals.

I'm opening a discussion thread for the Naruto wiki community here.

This is what teammate, Daniel Newton, put as a guideline for Anime Vice:

#1-3 must be translated by official anime and manga publishers.

  1. English anime dub
  2. English anime sub
  3. English manga version
  4. Literal manga translation

Recent Changes and Debates

  • Hagoromo Ohtsutsuki - One editor proposed to change it to Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki. Foxx and the others said that we have to go with Viz Media's translation not Naruto Wikia's.
  • Ten Tails - One editor tried to change Ten Tails to Shinju throughout the whole article. As of now, I said we stick with Ten Tails because that's what Viz Media uses. Both names are right.

If you have questions or want to propose a change, leave a comment here instead of explaining or arguing in the wiki queue. It was tough for me approving Naruto wiki submissions without much knowledge on the series. Typically, I leave it for Foxx, but I think he's too busy. One wiki editor I asked said this: "Both of the ten tails and Shinju is correct. But only use Shinju for the tree form, not the beast form." I agree with him. We are sticking with Ten Tails as the official name until the dub anime reaches that point. We will see what the dub will pick.

Shoutouts to Naruto wiki editors:

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