Naruto's Disappointments

Topic started by HAVICKGREEN on Jan. 3, 2014. Last post by Juubi 11 months, 2 weeks ago.
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@ThatGuyWithHeadPhones: Who

Obito or Minato ?

And if Obito I agree with you

Obito should be dead(Shouldn't have came back anyways )

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Pain gos down to tnj

Obito specifically comments on this

Obito gos down to tnj

Wtf, this better not happen to madara ffs

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completely nerfing Orochimaru. I swear  Kishi needs to do that character the justice he deserves.
Obito being Tobi. It really should have just been Madara. My biggest dissapointment is that it ruined Obito's death.
Ignoring the vast majority of the rookie 9 for part 2. Imo only Shikamaru got any real justice outside the main 3.
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Naruto didn't forgive Obito. Did you forget the line about going to Konoha to pay for his crimes?

Itachi. After he died. Jesus Itachi, because everyone loves him and his sacrifice.

I got limits, kid. Genocide....that's my limit. Torturing your little brother with 72 hours of "I kill our parents" crosses the line twice. Doing that again some years and you do that by a third time.

Also, Izanami makes my head spin like Akuma's leg in Demon Armageddon.

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