Naruto's Disappointments

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Alright Naruto has had a lot of disappointments.

I say mainly after Itachi and Sasuke fight also Jiraiyas death.

I have a couple to name and I would like to hear your opinions and your disappointments.


Obito being Tobi

This seemed to be just thrown in there for the fans.

Hokages showing few feats on their return to the battlefield.

Ten tails being a tree as it's final form

Obito as the juubi

There's a lot more but I'll like to hear what you guys think and I'm willing to explain if you have questions

Let me here yours

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well I think the Obito as the Juubi was a bit bad but it was corrected. As for Obito being Tobi well it had to be somewhat expectable as it couldn't be somebody you never seen or the unmasking would have been who the heck is he instead of holy crap its Obito. It may have been predictable but there weren't many who you could choose from. Okay my biggest disappointment is that the manga itself is a bit predictable as in they fight a bit Naruto talks some sense into the bad guy they become friends then a new bad comes out who is worse then the last. I mean it was all good and fine it part one where it was some what childish but in part two where its more mature I think the villains should die as they made themselves out as villains. If Madara becomes good then I will really have a problem since well come on its Madara the baddest of the bad.

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@Shadowchaos: haha right But its going to be the 1st hokage and naruto who's going to convince him haha

But I thought it could have been Inzuna bcuz he is Madaras lil brother and it would make since why he knew so much. The chapters that showed how obito met madara and went on his retarded rampage was just boring and slapped together.

But I hope the hokages do more in the next chapters.

I mean wtf did 3rd hokage do

Post by Shadowchaos (3,040 posts) See mini bio Level 14

@HAVICKGREEN: don't know but yeah I think it was more because of the hatred for Kakashi that made it mor for Obito.

Post by taichokage (15,454 posts) See mini bio Level 20
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Obito is the biggest problem I have with Naruto. His motives (childhood crush who didn't love him was killed and he wants to start a world war over it) This same guy impersonated someone far more badass then himself and partly because of this his long awaited reveal was a great disappointment for me. Who cared about Obito to begin with? And he just refused to die. Its crazy. He keeps doding death or having people save him. Also even as the Juubi, his body count during the war was 0. On the flip side I think Madara is the best thing to happen to Naruto in the last 2 years. I have a bunch of things I could mention but it would practically turn into a blog post.
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@Shadowchaos: yeah

But I was talking about Tobi from when he first appeared


When Tobi changed his outfit and the war began

It was pushing towards someone else. Like Madara himself, Izuna ot Zetsu

It was like Kishi waited to see how many fans liked certain people

Post by Shadowchaos (3,040 posts) See mini bio Level 14

@HAVICKGREEN: possibly but who really knows but him. I still say if Madara turns good I am going to have some serious problems. Actually I would love it if in the end Madara would win since that would be a good ending nobody saw coming especially since there aren't many series that have the villain winning.

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@taichokage: haha go ahead

But I agree with you

Obito was just used to please fans and get more ratings.

I agree that Madara did help bring naruto back along with the hokages

But the hokages are suppose to be the best of the best

But they haven't really did nothing special

Kishi makes strong characters but don't utilize them

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Riight If Madara wins that's going to be good

But if he turns good epic fail

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@HAVICKGREEN: yeah if Madara wins it would be a epic ending cause it would have Madara taking down a army by himself but if he loses its not bad either as long as its epic. But if he turns good I will just despise the ending cause nothing good can come out of it.

Post by HAVICKGREEN (17 posts) See mini bio Level 8



Especially since Madara is like the 2nd strongest character in the series right now crushing everybody

I would like to see Minato do more and fight Madara

But that's because he's my favorite character

Post by Shadowchaos (3,040 posts) See mini bio Level 14

@HAVICKGREEN: actually I think he is the strongest right now since he one shotted Hashirama. Though my favorite character is Shikamaru and second was Neji but then he died and I was mad since well if your going to kill somebody off kill somebody useless like Choji.

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Wrong thread. General Discussion is for anime and manga topics that exceed the number of attachments to a forum. Since you're just talking about Naruto as a franchise, it belongs to the franchise's forum.

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The death wouldn't have much of an impact, if it was Choji

I was disappointed of Obito because I knew he was going to be Tobi and would turn good after he is beaten. I think it would have been better if Tobi was Rin and she gone mad over the war instead of one person

Also, I'm disappointed at the Mist village for having a dumb plan with their tail beast, it wasn't going to work. It just giving the Leaf another tail beast for free

Post by Shadowchaos (3,040 posts) See mini bio Level 14

@Destinyheroknight: yeah who ever said Mist was smart. But I just mean if your going to kill somebody don't kill somebody useful. Choji never does anything so he is useless but Neji on the other hand is awesome. They actually should have killed Sasuke instead it would have been much better. One less annoying Uchiha.

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I'm actually at the anime's point. Haven't got up to the manga. Don't worry, I didn't read anyone's comments here.

I'm just disappointed in the Uchiha Clan, a bunch of EMO guys obsessed over vengeance. I thought Obito was the only normal one, but it turns out he's the fake Madara. Should have died as a hero.

Besides the characters, most of them have a decent amount of spotlight except for Tenten, Shino, and Kiba. If you're talking about anime, Shippuden suffers more from fillers than Naruto, I believe. Plus, Naruto reuses their flashbacks in the anime so many times. The Haku and Zabuza fight in the war arc was padded with flashbacks.

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Sorry I was very late to reply

But yeah Naruto Shippuden has to many fillers. Not as bad as Bleach aka Filler Heaven

but that is why I only watch the anime when it gets to main parts just to see Naruto in color and moving.

But you should go on the manga, no filler BS

But naruto really did start going down hill after itachi and jiraiya's death.

After that Kishi started doing a bunch of things for more views than actual things that make since

Madara coming back and another thing but I don't think the anime is there yet so I won't ruin it for you.

But hopefully Naruto is redeemed with a good ending or something

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Well, I was thinking they should be smart enough to figure out that losing a living weapon to the enemy is a bad idea. I still can't believe they think this plan would work, I guess they was hoping Rin wouldn't notice a giant three tailed turtle.

Killing a useless character mean nothing really, Obito and Madara already kill a bunch of no name characters. If Choji die it wouldn't leave much of an impact as a popular character would and Sasuke is needed for his showdown with Naruto.

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@Destinyheroknight: I know just Neji is my second favorite chaacter so I'm just mad about that.

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Naruto forgiving the man responsible for every problem in his life, that was just painful too read.

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