NARUTO Joins the Million Plus Club

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The kid ninja with the bleached hair and the metal head band is just DOMINATING. With 50 volumes out and 51 coming this Friday (in Japan), NARUTO’s sales have crossed into the septuple digits with 100,400,000 units . BELIEVE IT! Sheesh… I can't help but think of this picture book I enjoyed as a kid. It would illustrate exactly how high money would stack if you converted it into change. 500 grand worth of nickles might stand up to the top of a building, the same amount in pennies might make it to the top of a skyscaper, and so on. I can’t even fathom how high more than a million copies of Naruto would stack. Maybe to the moon? Anyway, according to ANN, this figure makes Naruto the #5 all-time seller for Shueisha, ranking behind the likes of DRAGON BALL, ONE PIECE and SLAM DUNK.

Ironically, while those 50 NARUTO volumes have been selling so well all over the world (I believe we Americans are only up to #48, though), sales have been receding in the US of A. Borders and Barnes & Noble haven’t been missing significant chunks of the NARUTO catalog in their inventory, reflecting an overall scaling back of manga sales. I’m not going to bore you with all the figures, here, so check them out at ICV2 if you feel so inclined.

The thing I always say when I’m witness to a runaway success is… “I don’t understand why it’s such a hit, but I want to.”   So I’m inviting you lunatics in the Anime Vice - - fans and haters alike - - to break it down for me. What do you like about NARUTO? What do you loathe about it? And why, oh why, do you figure it’s such a smash?

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naruto is still big in Japan, but the fad is pretty much over in the US.
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I honestly don't think Naruto is that great, then again, lot's of bland things make lots of money, Like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. 
I would say it appeals to angst, angst is the big thing these days with us kids apparently. 
Catcher in the Rye anime, calling it now. 
It will be made by Production I.G. and it will have a Laughing Man cameo. 
Upon rereading, I came off too snarky. 
I understand why Naruto is so appealing, story of a boy rejected by everyone who only wants to be love, Hero's Quest, etc. 
So Congratulations to Kishimoto. 
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Its on going
Story is reasonably good
Likeable characters
good guys dont always win
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I love it.  I really fell in love with Naruto when I started noticing characters and themes in the series had ties to Japanese mythology.  The main characters have some decent depth to them.  Love the style of the drawings.  The story is great and Kishimoto has done a great job, recently, of expanding the Narutoverse into a believable world.  And lets face it, ninjas are BADASS! And will always be badass, long after Naruto is done and gone.     
I can see why some people dont like it.  I mean, Im not one of those who thinks my opinion is the only one that matters.  I think many people liked it to start with, but over the years grew out of it.  It happens.  I mean we live in the information and people can be fickle when something new comes along.  But, dont knock it till you've tried, and if you dont like it fine.  Dont be a tool and hate on others that do like it. 

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The reason I like Naruto is probably because it was one of the first manga I read. I had been into anime since DBZ but first time I picked up a manga was the American Shonen Jump issue where Naruto premiered. So it's a got sort of nostalgia for me. That's also not to mention it's a charming and unique world. I also like the title character and the supporting cast but the other mains not so much. So by time I got to the Rescue Sasuke arc I was hooked. Naruto and excellent supporting characters hunting down Sasuke and hopefully kill him. Too bad I was disappointed into the end but rogue Sasuke means less panels wasted on but then we got Sai and Sasuke gets his own team. So basically I'll be continually disappointed until the series is over. I know you've got great characters in you Kishimoto why must you torment me so.
Post by Miken (87 posts) See mini bio Level 12 this point, the plot's really past its peak and is so predictable (and cheesy) that I can't help but literally facepalm sometimes. It's not bad per se, but it isn't amazing either.
Still, congrats to Masashi Kishimoto for his success~
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Naruto is like Die Hard.  You don't watch Die Hard for Oscar caliber acting and award winning writing that easily sits with the best that the literary world has to offer.  You watch it because you want laught now and then but mainly you're coming to see stuff blow up and action scenes. 
I think a lot of people go in to Naruto wanting to hate it or with crazy insane expectations that don't seem to be based on anything.  Naruto is not going to change your views on life and radically your perception and interpretation of the world around you.  What it will do is give you some characters with decent backgrounds, throw them into a decent storyline and give them crazy abilities that are often displayed in cool scenes of people dying or ninja tactics that climax in extremely well animated fights. 
If you're coming into it for that, Naruto doesn't disappoint.  If you're looking for more than that, you probably won't enjoy Naruto because it was never really intended to be more than that.  It'd be like watching a romantic-comedy because you want to see great gunfights and car chases.  More power to ya but you're doing it wrong.
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I'd say Naruto is popular because of the generally excellent action and supporting cast. That said, Naruto himself really turned me off the series a while back, with all his emo-ness. Supposedly though that part of him is dead now, and it's back to fun loving, though much more mature, Naruto.
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Personally I started liking the show because (at least in the beginning) it was very story driven and the fights seemed more intelligent and about tactics.  I really got into the series when Shikimaru started getting screen time because he always approaches his battles with intelligence and a plan and it is entertaining seeing how he turns things around and uses his fairly so so power to take down someone who should have beaten him easily.  Lately I haven't watched the anime because Naruto himself did get a little emo at one point and I could never stand the angst poster child Sasuke from day one.  I still follow the manga and Naruto has turned it around these days, Sasuke is still a whiny douche though.
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I have not seen this series yet...congrats for the amount of success it has enjoyed since it started.
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I'll echo the sentiments here. While I don't often follow the series anymore, I get why its a success. The Die Hard comparison seems apt, as its not like the people still into it have any incorrect notions about the work. Though ,y question is, considering that its at 100,400,000, doesn't that make in the hundred million plus club?
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