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Topic started by SuperBuster on Dec. 5, 2008. Last post by takashichea 1 year, 2 months ago.
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Subject does not feel! !
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My favorite characters in Naruto would be 
1) Itachi 
2) Nagato 
3) Minato
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So Sasuke's gotten around Yin chakra with the whole susanoo/amaterasu arrow thing and the Yin ball on his susanoo's right palm. Naruto's got Yang thanks to his Dad sealing the Yin half.

Uzumaki/Senju inherited the body=life=yang=will of fire////////GOOD GUYS

Uchiha inherited eyes=dream=yin=curse of hatred///////////////BAD GUYS

I hate how he's been making everything black and white toward the end of the manga........................................!

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Does anyone have any idea when the new naruto manga is suppose to come out? 568?

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Naruto is not just an anime or a manga for me ..... but its just like a teacher for me ..... that teaches many lessons and .... I really love it ..... knowing and understanding every happenings in a life of a person who made sacrifice, who were alone, and etc. ... It helps me and encourages me actually to be more stronger, and to believe .......

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I actually like the series. Though Sasuke is my fav, *Mwahahaha*

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@sosgirl10: Sasuke is my favorite character in both series. In the first one, he is the catalyst for everything interesting that happens. He's less so in Shippuden but everything he does usually results in something interesting for him and for everyone else.

I can't imagine how dull the series would be without him and it would just be a knock off One Piece with Naruto shouting, "nakama, nakama, namaka" every 20 seconds and a 50x increase in talks about the power of friendship, which is already talked about more than I like.

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Naruto freaking is a freaking badass,BUT hes not my fav.
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Naruto will never be anithing but awsome!!!!!!

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do you guys think that naurto shippuden is worth watching or should i just skip it???

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Daniel was right that I had to create an anime discussion thread for Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and the rest of the HST.

I have created the Naruto Discussion (Manga), but I haven't made the anime part.

Before I lock this, I'll answer your request.

If you're a Naruto fan and want to find out how the story progresses and eventually end in the next 5 years, then you should watch it. If you hate fillers, has listed filler episodes for you on the Filler page, so you can skip them easily.

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