My top five Naruto characters + who are yours?

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Hmm, tough one but these have consistently held my interest.  

  1. Shikamaru Nara ~ He's smart and his power requires strategy as opposed to just overpowering an opponent like too many other members
  2. Hinata Hyuga ~ She's insecure but courageous. She appeared to die in the last episode I saw sometime ago, but I question if that stuck.  Don't tell me if it didn't! 
  3. Shizune  ~ Tsunade's girl-friday, tenacious and loyal but also humorously exasperated by the 5th's irresponsibilities 
  4. The nine-tailed demon fox - the entity that powers Naruto is more interesting to me than Naruto himself.  It's like a force of nature, wild and devastating. 
  5. Sakura Haruno ~ I didn't like her at all in the original series but have grown quite fond of her in Shippuuden.  
I have almost no passion for the antagonists and see them mostly as impediments to be overcome by the heroes.
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Hey! Shikamaru is on the top of my list too!!! 
Post by Hibaru (74 posts) See mini bio Level 12
I love so many characters as well. But since I have to say Five, its okay. Here they are :
1. Naruto Uzumaki
2. Sasuke Uchiha
3. Jiraiya
4. Suigetsu 
5. Fūka
Post by sickVisionz (4,332 posts) See mini bio Level 24
@sickVisionz said:
" 1. Orochimaru 2. Sasuke 3. Kabuto 4. Gaara before he turned nice 5. Danzo  Bad guys ftw "
After the latest episode I change my answer to  
  1. Orochimaru
  2. Sasuke
  3. Danzo
  4. Kabuto
  5. Zetsu, specifically white Zetsu.
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1. Zabuza 
2. Kakuzu 
3. Darui 
4. Kakashi 
5. tie between Rock Lee/Gai
Post by Shindiggah (6 posts) See mini bio Level 4
1. Sasori 2. Shikamaru
3. Kakashi
4. Jiraiya
5. Sarutobi

honorable mention: Zabuza, I love him but he wasn't a part of the series long enough to make my list.
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1. sakura

2. itachi

3. sasuke

4. gaara

5. gai

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1. Sasori
2. Gaara
3. Kakashi
4. Sasuke
5. Kisame
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1) Itachi 
2) Nagato 
3) Minato 
4) Gaara 
5) Sasori
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1. Minato 
2. Gaara 
3. Naruto 
4. Kakashi 
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1. Itachi - Didn't care for him too much, but after the part when Madara tells everything to sasuke, i started to love Itachi 
2. Kabuto - One of the few characters that don't have an tragic emo past, and i like how he allways operates in the background 
3. Madara - All that "i manipulate people to do evil" thing is nice and also operation "Moon's Eye" sounds like some James Bond movie, so what is not to love about him 
4. Orochimaru - I like him ebcause he is a really evil villian, probably the best in the series. 
5. Nagato - idk why but i like him 
Looks like i like the bad guys, while the goodies can't make it on the list (unless you consider Itachi good and Nagato neutral)
Post by sharingan_eyes (330 posts) See mini bio Level 9
1. Itachi 
2. Neji 
3. Kakashi  
4. Jiraya 
5. Orochimaru
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