Is the English version of the manga any good?

Topic started by JackSukeru on Aug. 31, 2010. Last post by sickVisionz 4 years, 6 months ago.
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So I've been thinking about switching over to the English version of the Naruto manga since the Swedish version is lagging sooo~ far behind at the moment ( We're at Vol 28, right at the start of Shippuden). The release schedule has also been very slow lately, with a volume being released only every third month or something. I have no idea why this is since I don't keep up with swedish manga news, but I do know that Inuyasha had its distrubution indefinetly postponed after 42 volumes a while back, so maybe things are just not selling well? Whatever. 
In any case my questions are the following: "Has there been any censoring or significant changes to characters or events?" and "How much and what is translated?" The second question is more out of curiosity than anything and is in no way a dealbreaker. By "how much" I'm refering to things such as keeping the honorifics and translating the names of titles, attacks or organisation names.
As an example, the Swedish version translates pretty much everything. Akatsuki becomes Gryning, Hokage = Eldskuggan, Konoha = Lövgömman, Byakugan = vitöga etc.etc. While I haven't been to fond of these "changes" it's got a lot to do with that I started out with watching the subs (Evidenced by the Swedish One Piece, that does pretty much the same thing but I don't mind it cause I have never followed the anime or any other manga translation), so again it's no dealbreaker, I'm just curious.
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Bumping this the once. Anyone?
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I haven't seen anything too dramatic, but I've read very little of Viz's releases since I opted to just buy the anime as it comes out.
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