im scared!

Topic started by Champy on Jan. 2, 2009. Last post by RedRoses 6 years, 2 months ago.
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i went into my local book store with a 20$ gift card i got for christmas, i had never bought a manga book but i thought what the heck why not? so i bought the first naruto book and the first fruits basket book.
i liked the naruto book and thought i would buy the next one the next time i go into chapters, but i looked online and saw that there is 33 books...

i dont know what to do, im afraid to start buying them because thats alot of money, and i dont have a job i usally get one every year for a few months or so (im 15)

im almost tempted to read them online, i dont want to do that because i want to support the author, and reading a book on a computer screen cant compare but i cant imagine spending 330+ on that one series, i was thinking of reading deathnote aswell, at least there is only 12 or something books in that series.
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do you support the makers of bleach? NO!
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Don't be scared of something long. Lots of shounen series are long. And plus, the manga is faster to read than actually watching the anime series (and don't even get me started on the fillers...)

I know it's illegal but just read it online. It's better than being at Borders or whatever book store and being that manga aisle kid who takes up all the space to read books and doesn't buy a single volume. It's less annoying to read online than to be that manga kid. I know this is a slippery comparison but it's like going to the library, you borrow books all the time but you don't necessarily buy the novels.

But if you want to support the author, then by all means go ahead but don't think you need to collect it so fast. Take it slow, if you want to collect everything, just take your time. You have no obligation to collect anything fast. However, if you must have everything ASAP, then just buy it used... it's cheaper.

Now before anyone harps at me for reading online:
If I enjoy a series, I will buy the books/dvds/whatever so don't tell me I do everything illegally kthnxbai. =P
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