Hokage Team's Roles

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If the 4 Hokages where a team going on different missions in some other spirit dimension

Wouldn't there roles in the team be like this?

1st hokage - Team Captain and will always try to keep peace within the group or with others on their missions.

2nd hokage - Second in command and would be the hot headed one or the one always fighting and arguing with everyone. But has a kind heart.

3rd hokage - The wises one of the team. Keeps the bbalance between 1st and 2nd hokage. Does the extra work and is usually calmer than the others.

4th hokage - The youngest and newest member of the group. He will eventually surpass the others. The character that usually does the main fighting and has to learn lessons. Most energetic of the group and talented.

Does this sound about right?

What do you think?

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