Dream matchups: who will fight the new Akatsuki?

Topic started by sickVisionz on Aug. 12, 2010. Last post by sickVisionz 4 years, 6 months ago.
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WIth Kabuto as a member of the Akatsuki and all of the dead members bought back to life, how do you think the matchups will fall?  Characters like Rock Lee, Temari, Neji and others have pretty much been sidelined since since the time skip.  Sai still hasn't shown what made him good enough to be Anbu and Root other than properly blocking one of Sasuke's attacks, Yamato's biggest fight was during filler and his canon one consisted of improperly blocking Sasuke's attack, Suigetsu and Jugo are still out there somewhere and Anko never did anything ever despite being Orochimaru's pupil.  Do you think these guys will get some time in the spotlight now that a bunch of high level bad guys are back in town or do you think the usual cast of characters will be handling the situation? 
I'm personally hoping for 
  • Anko vs Kabuto since both of them are former pupils of Orochimaru
  • Sai & Temari vs Deidara
  • Itachi vs Might Guy & Kakashi
  • Neji & Hinata vs Nagato
  • Sakura & Rock Lee vs Kakuzu
  • Gaara & Kankuro vs Sasori
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Doubt the bottom five matches would be won by Team Ninja Alliance. Anyone brought back to life through Impure World Resurrection is literally unkillable unless their souls are removed. Any damage that the corpses sustain are regenerated instantly.
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@Dream: But they also seem to be less powerful then when they were alive. I doubt the 3rd Hokage could contend with the real live 1st and 2nd at the sane time. 
As well Itachi's eyes are missing, so no MS jutsu's.
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@hitsusatsu11:  Being the cunning guy that he is, I doubt Kabuto will have Itachi's corpse battling blind without making some kind of preparations. Without MS, Itachi's still a ridiculously fast and aggressive ninja when the situation calls for it.
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I don't think Itachi will come back blind.  I thought the process took a random corpse and attached the soul to that.  If the corpses has eyes I think Itachi would.  I think the Leaf could win the battles because 
  1. The corpses are noticeably weaker.  Unless the 1st and 2nd were terrible (which really makes Madara's loss embarrassing), there's no way an old man should have been able to hold his own against them in a 3 vs 1 fight.
  2. Some of them are coming back in a really gimped form.  Nagato needs to get six bodies to be as unstoppable as he was before, Kakuzu doesn't have his hearts and without them he loses access to the high level elemental jutsu he could do, Sasori is more than a just a heart in a chunk of wood and he doesn't have any of his puppets.
  3. Deidara is Deidara.  When he can't win by dropping bombs he has to commit suicide because he has no other talents or abilities as a ninja.  He shouldn't be too hard, especially for a person who can fly like Sai.
  4. The corpses can regenerated but I think it's unlikely that under any circumstances the people fighting them will have to sacrifice their life to seal the soul away.  That's like 3+ characters dying and they'd have to be high level enough to do the ritual in the first place.  I think think there will be some sort of trick or technique revealed that allows them to safely be killed with a sacrifice being made.
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