Canada's YTV Drops Naruto and Bleach

Topic started by gia on Feb. 7, 2010. Last post by hitsusatsu11 4 years, 10 months ago.
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Does YTV know something that we don't? Because word is that the network has decided to cease showing both Naruto and Bleach as of this week. Was there a sudden drop in the shows' popularity? Did Kon fondle Celine Dion or some other prominent Canadian? What's up?

 Why I oughta...
 Why I oughta...
Hard to say, and the network still has plenty of anime, including Pokemon and a couple of titles you're unlikely to see on western TV (they're still showing Pretty Cure?). Maybe they're finally trying to clear room for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds.    
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HA! i think they see where this is going, plus no one cares about those shows anymore, not enough for it too matter.
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Momo does not look pleased about this.
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It was bad enough they took away my precious Gundam Seed, Death note, One Piece, Gundam seed Destiny, Avatar, Witch hunter robin... the list goes on but.... but... this is... true evil.... Well vice I'm off to go flame I got my account still up but I cant risk em catching me... I'l make a fake account with a trash email.... if they take me down.. Remember I went out for the name of all that is Otaku.... well some of it... 

This Kira Wasn't amused 5 years ago... he was calm though... 

Now this KIRA on the other hand completely lost it 3 years ago
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Actually before my fellow Canucks get too out of hand in rage at YTV and their owner's Corus. If you look in the comments of GodLen's article where some of us got fairly off-topic with our love of ReBoot I mentioned how Corus is dropping Bionix so that they can move it to a new channel appropriately named The Anime Channel. The channel itself is supposedly going to be 85% anime/anime related content with at least 65% of that being anime. Up to 15% will be information based (news) programs. Also the channel is going to be aimed at adults (ie. 18+) and let's face it when they moved Bionix to Saturday night (a couple years ago) from Friday it had already been a shadow of it's former greatness. 
So ya not hard to say at all that is what's happening they're just moving the content to a new source where if people keep watching it I'm sure it will survive.

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Fear not friend read the post I just made.
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I know about that man... they did it a  while ago... they plan on charging people like 100 big ones each month... 
I cant exactly make a commitment like that I will however try... 
it may have been 20... if its something reasonable like that then I'll look into it for sure..
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I never heard of them announcing a price just that the CRTC has granted them a license and that it's supposed to launch sometime this year.
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Nice to see there still might be a Canadian anime channel,after not hearing any thing about for a few years i though Corus had given up on the idea. Also I think I remember hearing that  YTV  was going to move back to a more younger youth oriented programing format  so maybe that's why they are dropping  the shows since last i saw they had a 14+ rating .
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This was bound to happen sooner or later. First they moved Bionix from Friday night to Saturday night. Then they started removing all the good shows and left only Naruto and Bleach. Then they pushed both of these shows back to 12:00. Dropping them was the final phase.  
I was hoping for a change but instead I get this. I'm starting to get tired of YTV.
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I hope they are not turning into Cartoon Network.
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Well there is Teletoon and Teletoon Retro as well.
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Teletoon doesn't count! They only put up anime movies.... (good movies I might add) but they rarely show em...
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What about Disney XD?    
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uuugggggggg YTV used to play anime, now I think it hates me. Why no more anime? I wish anime played in Canada.... this sucks!!!!!!!
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This is a rant about a Canadian T.V, Broadcasting station here man...
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@Konanda: I keep hoping that Teletoon starts a good anime line up but I'm also afriad they'll end up going the  Cartoon network "Anime is teh Suck" route and put anime in a crappy time slot so they can show back-to-back-to-back episodes of "Assy McGee"
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Oh yeah I forgot Disney XD doesn't show in Canada.
The only anime show I know of on Teletoon is Bakugan.
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Now canadians are experiencing what we are when Toonami went to SHIT.
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I bet they were tired of all those filler episodes.
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