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Referring to Chapter 590

This is probably the most touching moment in all of Naruto
This is probably the most touching moment in all of Naruto

My thoughts on this chpt along with latest chapters is that this one was done good and excellent, we finally gotten to see Itachi's perspective of the Uchiha Massacre and see more of Itachi's emotions. Even though this we knew everything about it we at least saw that Danzo actually tried helping Itachi in protecting Sasuke, Tobi admits he's a Uchiha and wants to take revenge on the Uchiha, and how Itachi's reactions were. And now the curtains get to unfold as Madara notices he's being pulled back to the World of the Dead. The Bad news is that we don't get to see anymore of MADARA! But we all knew he was gonna lose someway or another and this is the only way he can as the Kages are powerless to his powers. I can't wait to see Sasuke's reaction in the next chapter and how Itachi words will affect Sasuke's decision on destroying the Kohona. Oh yeah!

We get to finally see Tobi in action now that he doesn't have any of the paths to back him, it's about time.

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