Anime Kakashi got his grove back?

Topic started by Hellos on May 22, 2010. Last post by Pheonix 4 years, 8 months ago.
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Just me or are they starting to animated guys like Kakashi back to the old days of crazy speeds?  

I'm watching 159 Pein's kick go right through Kakashi and thinking woa, when could he do that? (Maybe I need to dig out the fight in the manga. I remember the lightning dogs, certainly not the whole lightning clones and such.Otherwise I would have mentioned it in that Spidey vs Kakashi thread. :P) 
I'm watching Kakashi run around popping up right behind people after seemingly avoiding getting hit by missles and going for head swipes with his lightling cutter and setting up traps for later in the fight. 

We had the first appearance of Kamui taking like an episode to even activate and now he busted it out without Pain even noticing to completely prevent a nail from going through his skull. Then again I guess that follows the manga's run on Kamui since it's apparently able to tag things that can blitz Kakashi like Susanoo's arrow and Kakashi being able to activate his mangekyou on the spot.
I haven't seen shipudden Kakashi that impressive since his fight with hidan back on Episode 85 hopping around avoiding electric beams and such. 



So has animated Kakashi gotten back to his pre shippuden speeds when he was dissapearing at point blank from someone's eyes? Or has he never stopped being that speed demon? Or is hellos wasting cyberspace with this thread? 
Since Hulu fails, youtube assault. part 1's how dreadful, hopefully it isn't too tricky to hop to the next part of the episodes.

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He is still no Haku or 8 gates Guy when it comes to speed but yeah he is doing better than before.
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lol suky subs and its all backwerds??
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@haseo_yashimora said:
"lol suky subs and its all backwerds?? "

I was a bit lazy last night, when Hulu said no to me I dug up random on the spot youtube vids, I'll change the first one to one with nice happy subs that don't require a mirror to read. :P 
Not sure if there is a better quality 85 floating around though.
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kakashi lost to PIS. He could've kamui'ed Deva Path's head when he had the chance after Asura path killed the Raiton clone
Fuck you kishi
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