Will Naruto and Hinata ever be together?

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Do you think Naruto and Hinata will ever be together? I think that they definitely should be together. They accept each other flaws and all. 
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they better be...sakuraXnaruto is a horrible match up
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@Agent9149 said:
they better be...
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You know, after nearly 450 episodes, I've stopped caring.  Similarly to Bleach, these shows set up a potential romance, add a love-triangle when things are slowing down, and then let it all stagnate for years.  Sakura, Hinata, hell even Ayame Ichiraku, it doesn't matter that much to me anymore. 
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i really like hinata for naruto
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No. Naruto has no interest in her and Hinata is only going to push the issue if Naruto is about to be killed. The two have had time together post confession and both basically act as if it never happened.

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@sickVisionz said:

The two have had time together post confession and both basically act as if it never happened.

They have? When?

And I find it immensely unlikely since Naruto is a Shonen Hero, and thus is completely immune to the affections of the opposing gender. However, if Naruto did develop interest in a relationship, Hinata's odds are pretty good. At least a bit better than Sakura's after she tried to lie to Naruto.

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@JonSmith: The first time was as soon as the fight was over and everyone was cheering for him in the village.

Also, Naruto still likes Sakura. Her fake thing didn't didn't burn or lessen her chances imo.

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@sickVisionz: Unless I'm very much mistaken, hadn't Hinata just been impaled? Even if she was being fixed up with some healing, I doubt she'd be in any condition to talk. And that's one of those things even Naruto is hopefully smart enough not to discuss when everyone's asking for autographs.

As for that, the end of that Naruto and Sakura conversation kinda struck me as concluding that they both thought of Sasuke as more important than each other.

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I don't see it happening. Naruto is too oblivious, and Hinata doesn't seem like she'll ever confess. Even if she does, Naruto will be too dense to see it.

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@JonSmith: That's not the only time the two of them have been in each other's vicinity and their interaction don't reflect that either of them even remembers the confession.

I didn't get the vibe that Naruto x Sakura was done with her fake confession. All I got was that when she confesses, Naruto wants it to be for real and not on some mercy/pity nonsense. Like 5 seconds after it happened the two of them seemed to be as close as they always were.

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Considering Naruto and Hinata don't interact too often and the title's stronger focus on events with Akatsuki, Tobi, Kabuto and so forth, I don't see a pairing possible, especially as Naruto has more interaction with Sakura.
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@sickVisionz: They ARE teammates. They kinda have to know how to work together through adversity. Particularly with Sakura's predilection for punching Naruto. So while they may be as close as they always were, that doesn't mean that Sakura hasn't hurt her chances ever so slightly. And have Hinata/Naruto been in a situation where it would be appropriate to discuss the confession? Ever since all the Pain shenanigans, Naruto's been pretty busy with... everything. Everywhere. All the time.

In any event, we should probably halt this debate, since the thread was founded on the question on whether or not Hinata and Naruto have a chance together, not whether or not her chances are better than Sakura's, or vice versa.

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To me Hinata and Naruto is really the only match in the series that makes sense. She has accepted him from day one, she has carried that torch with her also since they were in school. On the other hand Sakura is more like the cheerleader, yeah Naruto wants to be with her (or did depending on how you look at things) but I think he is just being blinded by the 'popular girl' syndrome. I really hope in time the character wises up and see what has been in front of him this entire time.

Also Hinata needs to grow a pair and just confess already.

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I really don't think they will ever be together. Naruto doesn't really feel for Hinata even though Hinata does try to show her feelings for him.
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But hey, I haven't followed the show since the first season or so, so I don't know what's been going on with anybody.
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Yes i hope so :D

They are my favorite Naruto shipping

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@SaiyanPrinceVegetaII said:

You know, nobody should bother wasting their time with this relationship stuff, Because almost every important relationship is one-sided instead of mutual in regards to the characters, so it's very unclear who's gonna end up w/ who. Examples of these relationships include: Hinata liking Naruto, who likes Sakura, who likes Sasuke, who doesn't even care because he's just that much of a boss to care. Another example is Obito liking Rin, who likes Kakashi, Who(again) doesn't even care. And another is Jiraiya liking Tsunade, who Likes Dan, who returns the feelings (Note that this is the only mutual relationship listed here.) I, for one would just prefer to leave relationships until they actually become clear enough to be discussed, or until whichever one actually happens,and I humbly recommend that everyone do the same, to avoid pointless speculation over the issue.

Like I told SMXLR8 in your thread that you made and he call it pointless, if you find a thread pointless, then don't comment at all. Just let everyone have their fun.

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