What's your favorite Naruto involved moment?

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Involving Naruto : What is your favorite Naruto moment? 
I have a few like the first sexy jutsu also in shippuden when he didn't remember Temari or when he tried looking at unmasked Kakashi at the hospital but this one kindof top them all:
Naruto: Hinata... I kind of thought you were- um..  
Hinata: [Thoughts] What? What?  
Naruto: Gloomy, timid, always terrified and basically completely weird! 
[Hinata signs in total disappointment]

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The Headbutt is funnier thought... 
My choice would be Sage Naruto first combat, is simply awesome
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I always say this and I'll say it as many times as i need to.
Zabuza's death scene. It was one of the most moving moments in anime. (and i've seen some tearjerkers.)
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When he transformed into a throwing star during his fight was Haku and Zabuza, Orochimaru vs Kyuubi, Pain vs Kyuubi and the Iruka flashback arc.
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That is all.
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1.zabuzas death scene 2:naruto(nine tails form two)vssasuke(curse mark form 2) 3:all rasengan scenes 4:naruto vs pain 5.naruto&sasuke; vs haku
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