Rock Lee & Ninja Pals Review: Ep. 2

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Welcome to the 1st weekly review of Rock Lee & Ninja Pals! I'm doing this because this episode is pretty good unlike the first episode.


When Rock Lee fails to get Sakura to like him, he asks Neji and Tenten for love advice. Using Tenten's advice, he plans to make a good impression and woo her. In the second story, Rock Lee sneaks a love letter into Sakura's handbag, and when Rock Lee and Naruto find out that Sakura has someone else's letter, they go out to destroy it.

Can Rock Lee and Naruto do it?


Beware of spoilers!


Rock Lee looks great
Rock Lee looks great
  • Rock Lee's attempts to get Sakura's love ended hilariously. I love how Rock Lee mistakenly bitch slap Sakura when he got his hands stung.
  • Rock Lee and Naruto's attempts to get the letter are great. I liked the Kill Bill inspection scene, and how they mistakenly think Sakura's panties was actually a stomach wrap.
  • The Korean fan girls scene is pretty adorable, and I couldn't stop laughing how Neji and Rock Lee talked about their favorite Korean drama stars.


Nothing bad at all
Nothing bad at all
  • There's not much bad stuff to report in this episode. There are no overused gags in this one unlike the first episode's "poopy" scene or fan disservice.


My gosh, Neji. What did they do to you?!
My gosh, Neji. What did they do to you?!
  • Neji keeps wearing girl costumes, and every time I see him, he looks like a real girl! I felt bad for him, but it is so god damn amusing.
  • A lot of Naruto and Rock Lee's plans are pretty strange especially when Naruto wears a sun costume and tries to make Sakura sweat. I wonder why Sakura didn't notice him.

Thank you guys for reading this strange weekly report. I had no idea that I was going to do a report on this series, but I watched the episode with my little brother as I worked on Fairy Tail Ep. 126's report. I got hooked on the 2nd episode. Overall, this episode is great because of Rock Lee and Naruto's attempts to win Sakura's love.

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Note: I'm not sure if I would continue since I have two weekly reports: Sket Dance and Fairy Tail with school on top of it.

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I'm gonna check this one out, just for shits and giggles. Although I have a feeling it won't be that way xD

Ah well, no harm in doing so.

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Yay! I'm pretty sure you love this episode more than the first one. Here is sickVisionz's impressions of the first one if you're interested.

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