I want to start watching this series. Im very frightened.

Topic started by KaiokenKid on Feb. 13, 2011. Last post by sickVisionz 4 years ago.
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Ok, so this thing is like on episode 196 in japan and god knows where in america on that Disney XD channel. First of all I should say I have no interest in seeing this in japanese with wnglish subs. No disrespect and all, but i much perfer dub. So now im in the perculiar position in finding a way to watch the series from episode 1 in english dub. The DVDs arent coming out that fast and theyre already way ahead on that Disney Channel. First off is it worth getting into this late in the game? Im actualy very intimidated getting into this show because of all the episodes there are so far. Any suggestions?
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Well, you are in a bit of a bind because you want to see them in English dub.  If subbed was okay, they're fairly current on Hulu and Naruto.Viz.com, but you probably already discovered that yourself.  Incidentally, I think they're up to 198 in Japan, but that's neither here nor there.  Itunes, Amazon's video store, Xbox, PSN, and so forth are places you can download the episodes at a price.  $1 to rent $2 to buy.  They appear to be up to episode 67 with the dubbed version of the series, so you're not going to be able to go past that since there just aren't any.  Short of "googling" Naruto Shippuuden Eng Dub and seeing what pops up, I can't offer much more.
I think it's a fine show and I much prefer it over the original.  Sakura is actually useful this time.  I found that the animation quality slacked off somewhere around 110 when Sasuke went into action.  I pause my viewing around 166 following an apparent tragedy.  I plan to return to watching it soon, though.  I tend to want to watch entire story arcs in one or two sittings so I have to wait for them to compile. I do think it's worth watching as I do enjoy it myself, but if subs are out of the question for you, you're going to be way behind for quite sometime.  Actually, that's a position I am very familiar with since I do not read the manga and I'm sure it's far ahead of the subbed anime.  
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You're screwed if you don't want to watch it subbed.  Do you actually hate the Japanese voice actors or do you just think you'll hate the Japanese voice acting?  I'd say give it a shot.  This goes beyond Naruto, but you'll miss out on a lot of great entertainment if you refuse to watch anything that isn't in your native tongue.
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I hate reading my television shows. I find it hard to get humor, jokes, and emotional scenes may not have much of a impact if im reading them. Im actualy studying to be a voice actor, so I really want to be able to HEAR and understand the show rather then read the show. I dont know if that makes any sense.
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@KaiokenKid: I'm a bit late, but I'd point that the humor in Naruto isn't really on a deep witty level where not knowing the native language will make you miss stuff.  It's people getting kicked in the nuts, bonked on the head with a tree branch and slapstick stuff like that.   
I'd also point that there is a different between watching it with subs and on mute.  It's not like anger in Japanese culture is expressed in a way that sounds like someone laughing in English or things of that nature that would seriously make a show confusing to watch.  How someone says something is often more important than what they say (sarcasm is a good example).  Subtitles don't really get rid of that or detract from it in my experience.  Tone and body language still play a major role and unless you're watching on mute, you'll still get all of that good stuff.
Plus with Naruto you're going to forever be about 150+ episodes behind where the series is currently at.  I'd say at least give 3 or 4 episodes a shot before writing it off completely.
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Getting used to subtitles is often a learned experience.  Once you train yourself to read and comprehend the images at the same time, it becomes second nature.  Like anything valuable, it's a skill you can acquire with patience and practice.  If you keep at it, there will eventually come a point where you don't have to struggle at all and you'll get as many of the jokes as you would if listening to the dub (provided the dub isn't too localized).   I found that having a decent sized HDTV is the best way to learn.  That way the subs are clear and won't cause any eyestrain. 
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Best jutsus in the naruto series 

1)Ameterasu (instant kill.Hope we'll see someone burning with it soon)

2)Tsukuyomi (just a blink and youre immoblized..no way of rescuing yourself with old empty-head techs..youre done for..)

3)hiraishin (teleport thats all)

4)Body Binding (its orochimaru's little tsukuyomi..so nice way..i paralyzed you? you going kyubi? ha!)

5)Chidori-Rasengan (die fanboys..theyre pretty the same:chidori is piercing weapon and rasengan is blunt weapon: im not gonna get into a useless conservation about how uber rasengan can be uypgraded,my %12 finished rasengan devours the world cool!--what im gonna say is...you didnt even see chidori yet..do you seriously believe sasuke is going to use old chidori against wind rasengan?! get over with this rasenganchido zomglolrofl! already..)

6)summon things (unless its somehow dispelled..good way to shock enemy

7)Water prison (drowning thing kisame did..slowly dying while looking at your killers face)

8)Kage-bunshin (i'd use it just to shock enemy)

9)Kawarimi (can save you from death and one ıf most important jutsus ever)

10)Immortality (orochimaru's immortality jutsu..they chopped your hand? who cares? go change your body like changing a swimsuit! 2 years is shorter than it seems)    
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Considering that there really isn't that much dialogue in Naruto other than exposition episodes (not to mention that the target audience is really preteen boys), you're probably not going to be reading that many subtitles anyway.
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It's got about as much dialog as any other shows I've seen outside of Katanagatari and Tatami Galaxy.
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