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Long time anime lover, but I´m new to Anime Vice, so hello everyone.  
My question is in regard to the fillers i Shippuuden, I started re-watching it a couple of days ago (had previously seen about 35-40 episodes when they first aired) and now I´ve come to the first filler arc, ep 57-71 I believe. Is it worth watching them or should I just jump to the continuation of the main story? The fillers in the original Naruto series where super boring and the main reason I stopped watching the show for almost a year. Any info is appriciated.
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Some of them are ok. 
Sora arc... is meh.  There is a good fight where Sakura executes someone with a punch to the gut, Yamato crushes a guying in a tree and he explodes in blood and Naruto does a genius move that made him seem way smarter than almost anything he's done in the manga.  That fight happens within like the first few episodes though and it's downhill from there.  If you like Akuma, you should check it out.  In the manga and non-filler anime he doesn't do anything other than tell the audience that Shikamaru is smart and setup a situation for us to see Tsuyomi but in this arc he's a central character and they go deep into his background.
Guren Arc... goes on for way too long.   I kinda like Guren as a character but there aren't any good fights in the arc.  There's some decent scenes with Sasuke, Orochimaru and Kabuto but every scene without them is kinda boring. 
Bomb back girl with huge rack Arc... out of all of them I like this one the best.  The story is straight, there's some good scenes with Hidden Mist ninjas, it merges with the canon well and it's the shortest by far.  It gets in, does is thing and finishes right as I felt it might go on for too long. 
There are a few two episode or single episode fillers, but those are all pretty good imo.  Some of them are like throwback episodes to the old series.
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I saw the Sora arc, thought it was alright, currently watching the Guren one, figured I might as well see them all. Thanks for the information :)
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@Jixashauser: No prob.  Have fun.
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