Disney XD could usher in an anime revival!

Topic started by DJTyrant on Sept. 14, 2009. Last post by Niko 5 years, 6 months ago.
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With the news Gia reported that Naruto Shippuuden is getting on the air finally (and not on that big network we all thought it would be) on a Disney channel no less. Disney XD is targeted towards the younger male crowd and this will really hit that demographic. During my days of slaving away for Gamestop I got quite a few inquiries for the Naruto games, and they were (9 times out of 10) from boys (under 16 usually). While it has been a while since those kids have been able to get their Naruto fix since it stopped airing on Cartoon Network (and the closing of the Toonami brand) they will finally get their fix again.

I know what the hardcore otaku is thinking, that this is REALLY BAD. I can hear you screaming on forums and on Twitter, but this is a good thing, I promise you. Being a little bit older now, I can look back on how I got into anime and see this as possibly ushering in the next generation of anime fans. More anime fans (hopefully) means more money for the production companies which means for anime for everyone right? That's what my hope is here from this. When I was in middle school I can remember coming home and rushing over to a friends house to make sure to catch the Cell Saga in Dragon Ball Z on Cartoon Network. I think a lot of the otaku of my generation got their start with Toonami/Cartoon Network and around the same time I did. Granted that didn't spring me immediately into hardcore otaku-dom but it set that seed that led me to check out Love Hina with a friend and then that lead to attending Anime-Expo and becoming engrossed in the culture.

Of course there will be quality concerns, Viz is doing the dubbing which has been tolerable so far (personally Naruto's English voice is just grinding) and there will be cuts for violence, blood and boobs; but this is all par for the course for anime on U.S. television. Yes, it's a bad thing for the hardcore otaku who wants the purest experience possible, but we're at a place now where there are options. The DVDs are already rolling out from Viz and uncut, along with free streaming on sites like Hulu and Crunchyroll with English subtitles.

No matter your take on Naruto, try to take a positive outlook on this turn of events (where we've had quite a bit of negativity in the industry the past year). Think back to when you got into anime and didn't know any better that you were not getting the naughty words in Dragonball, but were enjoying it none-the-less. You could see that little kid a few years at a convention, and who knows you could recommend your favorite anime to them and (god forbid) make a new friend! The anime fandom really is about sharing this passion with other people and this is a great start to see this come back.
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i dount have disney xd so ill have to go to animetube or youtube to watch it!
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@DJTyrant Your saying the industry needs to market to kids with kids products, and as they mature their tastes will be become more sophisticated?
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I have no problem with Disney airing Naruto, nor do I see any negative impact it may have on the anime fandom. However, I also don't see this causing an anime fandom revival. Particularly for one reason - Disney XD is not widely available enough. That's the problem with Disney XD in general. Disney would want it to be to the 12-14 male group as the Disney Channel is to 12-14 female group. It won't reach that though until it's as available as the Disney Channel. Disney Channel is at least available on most basic extended cable packages, but for Disney XD, you need a more expansive digital or satellite package. While more people are getting those, it's not prevalent enough to cause a revival. 
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