Naruto Shippuden Characters

Naruto Shippuden is an anime series in the Naruto franchise
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Terai is an ANBU ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village from the Root.


Teuchi is the owner and proprietor of Ichiraku Ramen Bar, Naruto's favorite place to eat.


Tezuna is a big busted hostess who works at the Make-Out Pub War in the Hidden Rain Village.

Third Raikage

Third Raikage is a ninja from the Hidden Cloud Village and the former leader. He is also the father of Killer Bee and the Fourth Raikage, Ei Yotsuki.

Tobirama Senju

Tobirama Senju is the second Hokage, famous for creating the Edo Tensei jutsu that brought the souls of the dead back to life, now used by Orochimaru and Kabuto.


Tokiwa is a kunoichi from the Nadeshiko Village. She is also Shizuka's attendant.

Tokuma Hyuga

Tokuma is a member of the team led by Anko that is sent to track down Kabuto Yakushi.


Tonbee is a member of the Tsuchigumo clan and servers as Hotaru's caretaker.


Tsunade's pet pig, though it's often kept in the care of Shizune.

Torifu Akimichi

Not much is known about Torifu other than that he is a member of the Akimichi clan and was selected to be a part of a ninja squad that consisted of people such as Danzo Shimura, Hiruzen Sarutobi and was led by Tobirama Senju, the 2nd Hokage.


Toroi was a famed Kumogakure shinobi.


High ranking member of Root and a member of the Aburame clan.

Tsume Inuzuka

Tsume is the mother of Kiba and Hana Inuzuka. Her companion is a wolf named Kuromaru.


Tsunade is one of the three legendary ninjas known as Sannin. She is a medical ninja with powerful raw strength, and the Hidden Leaf Village's leader, the Fifth Hokage.


The daughter of Tazuna and mother of Inari


Udon is a snot-nosed friend of Konohamaru that looks up to Naruto.


Ūhei is one of the ninja-dogs summoned by Kakashi Hatake.


Sakon and Ukon are brothers, who, through a unique kekkai genkai, share the same body. Ukon is the one on the back and is usually asleep but wakes up if he is needed. This also allows them to merge with the opponent's body and destroy it from the inside out


Urakaku is a samurai from the Land or Iron and a bodyguard to Mifune.


Urushi is one of the ninja-dogs summoned by Kakashi Hatake.


Utakata is the Jinchuriki of the Six-Tailed Slug.


Waraji is one of Gato's bodyguards.


Yagura was the former Jinchuriki for the Three-tailed Giant Turtle and the Fourth Mizukage.


Yahiko is a character in the series Naruto, and is a close friend of Konan and Nagato(pain). After his death, his body was used as the Deva path as apart of Nagato's Six Paths of Pain.As Deva path he controls gravity.He also founded and lead Akatsuki instructed by Tobi.

Yakumi Uchiha

Yakumi Uchiha was a member of the Military Police Force from the Hidden Leaf Village and a member of the Uchiha Clan.


Yamabuki is a citizen ot the Land of Water. He, along with a group of friends, bullied Inari but were saved by him when kidnapped by the remnants of Gato's gang.


Yamato is an ANBU ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village and a leader for Team 7 in place of Kakashi Hatake. He was experimented on by Orochimaru and implanted with the cells of the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju.


A rookie ninja from the Hidden Sand.


Yashamaru is a ninja from the Hidden Sand Village and he is the younger brother to Karura, mother of Gaara.

Yashiro Uchiha

Yashiro Uchiha was a member of the Military Police Force from the Hidden Leaf Village and a member of the Uchiha Clan.

Yoroi Akado

Yoroi Akado was once a ninja fro the Hidden Leaf Village but was working secretly for Orochimaru with Kabuto Yakushi.

Yoshino Nara

Yoshino Nara is a ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village. The wife of Shikaku Nara and the mother of Shikamaru Nara.


Yudachi is a ninja from the Hidden Rain Village and is the partner of Ryusui.

Yugao Uzuki

Yūgao Uzuki is an ANBU ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village and the girlfriend of Hayate Gekko.

Yugito Nii

Yugito is the Host for the Nibi often called the Living Ghost. She comes from the Hidden Village In The Clouds, and claims to be the 2nd best from it.


Yukimaru is a young boy with the ability to control the Three-Tailed Giant Turtle at the expense of his own health. He views Guren as a mother-like figure.


Yūra is a member of the council from the Hidden Sand Village and was used as a sleeper agent by Sasori.


Yurika is a ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village and part of the Cryptanalysis Squad.

Zabuza Momochi

Zabuza is a missing-ninja from the Village Hidden in the Mist. He is also one of the seven swordsmen of the mist earning him the nickname "Demon of the Hidden Mist" and the first major antagonist of the series.


Zaji is a sensor-ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village. He is very confident in his abilities and he will boast about them.

Zaku Abumi

Zaku was a Sound ninja ordered to kill Sasuke. But wasn't able to achieve his mission. He was later sacrificed by Orochimaru to fulfill a special jutsu.


Zetsu is a member of the Akatsuki and his ability to fuse inanimate objects makes him the ideal information gatherer and observer for the group.


Zouri is one of Gato's bodyguards.

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