Naru Narusegawa

Naru Narusegawa is a anime/manga character in the Love Hina franchise
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Hinata-sou's Resident Idol.


While growing up as a child, Naru was often sick and she was brought over to the Hinata Inn by her parents in the hopes that the different environment would be better for her health. It was here where Naru would meet Keitaro and Mutsumi, as the two were her playmates during her time at the inn. Mutsumi would talk Naru into taking part in a promise with Keitaro to meet one another again when both are able to enroll into Tokyo University and live happily together forever. As a reminder of the event, she was given a Liddo-kun stuffed doll by Mutsumi. With time though, Naru would forget about the promise she made with Keitaro until years later.

In middle school, Naru lacked any ambition for herself as such where she had poor grades and often day dreamed. However, she had gotten over the health issues that affected her in her younger days and she made friends with Mitsune. Naru often used Mitsune to turn down romantic confessions from boys at her school that were attracted to her because of her looks. Following a divorce between her parents, Naru moved into Hinata Inn as she was one of the first residents there when it was first converted into an all-girl's dormitory, residing in Room 304 of the inn.

It was here where Naru met up with Seta Noriyasu, who was appointed as her tutor to improve her grades. Her interactions with Seta led Naru to gain greater independence for herself, a greater motivation for studying and to gain a crush on her tutor. Naru would become intent on making her grades good enough to make it into Tokyo University. While excelling as a top student throughout high school from her grades, Naru would become socially distant from others and devotion to her studies led her eyesight to wear out, leading her to have to wear glasses to see things clearly.

She was the first inn resident that Keitaro encountered in a rather embarrassing predicament in Hinata Inn's hot springs that would kick start the hot and cold relationship that the two would have with one another throughout Love Hina.


Naru was one of the main female characters created for Ken Akamatsu's Love Hina manga series. She was originally going to be named Midori and given a more kind and nice personality. Her encounter with the male lead would have played out differently as she would have fallen in on him from the ceiling while naked and gotten amnesia. Much of her past would not be known, though the male lead would instantly fall in love with her and she would later take up a part-time waitress job. As Love Hina was further fleshed out, Naru's name and personality would be changed several times during series development until her current name and personality were adopted.

Naru has appeared in all anime adaptations of Love Hina which include the TV anime, Christmas special, Spring special and Love Hina Again OVA series. She was voiced by Yui Horie in Japanese and Dorothy Elias-Fahn in Englsh.



Naru stands at 163 centimeters (about '5'4"), with her three sizes being 83 cm for bust, 56 cm for waist and 86 cm for hips. She has long brown hair that extends to her waist and brown eyes. Due to being horribly near-sighted, Naru is often seen wearing glasses. While attending cram school for university examinations, Naru often wears thick glasses, sweaters and braids to deter attention from guys. In the anime, her normal attire consists of a yellow long-sleeved turtleneck shirt, a red short skirt, and black leggings. She is 17 years old at the start of the manga series and 18 at the start of the anime.


Naru is a responsible, kind and reliable young woman who is strongly devoted to her studies. She is also easily irritable and short-tempered as such where she is prone to quickly rushing into judging things with little regard for properly assessing the situation. Thanks to her tutelage under Seta, Naru was taught some martial arts by him and is able to comically launch her foes long distances with her punches and kicks.


  • Keitaro Urashima- Keitaro is Naru's love interest throughout the entirety of the series, as he suspected the possibility that she might be the promised girl he met from years ago. She would frequently beat Keitaro up for the slightest transgressions he may have unintentionally caused. Despite this negative aspect to her personality, Naru is willing to tutor him in preparation for entrance exams and lend him advice. While outwardly expressing that Keitaro wouldn't be the ideal man she would love, Naru finds herself developing romantic feelings for him and her stubborn denial of these feelings prove to be the major obstacle preventing their relationship from developing further.
  • Mutsumi Otohime- Naru's relationship with Mutsumi is one mixed with friendship and jealousy. The two have a close bond as such where Mutsumi often lends Naru advice in regards to coming to grips with her feelings for Keitaro and the older girl takes part in study sessions with Naru and Keitaro. However, Naru usually gets jealous of Mutsumi being around Keitaro and their close compatibility in terms of personality and habits.
  • Seta Noriyasu- Naru had developed an unrequited crush on Seta during his tutelage of her during middle school, promising to make it into Tokyo University when he left her as she entered high school. Upon his return to Hinata Inn, Naru's crush on Seta resumed and caused friction in the developing relationship she had toward Keitaro until she came to realize that Seta was more drawn toward Haruka Urashima.
  • Mei Narusegawa- Appearing only in anime adaptations of Love Hina, Mei was Naru's younger step-sister that came about from her mother remarrying another man. While Mei was thrilled at the idea of having an older sister, Naru's hatred toward the events drove her to move into Hinata Inn and led Mei to feel she was seemingly rejected. Years later, Mei would come to the inn in an attempt to put a wedge in Naru and Keitaro's developing relationship to lead her older step-sister to return home. But upon seeing Naru's feelings toward Keitaro and being reassured by him that Naru never hated her, Mei would become supportive of a relationship between Naru and Keitaro.
  • Kanako Urashima- The relationship between Naru and Kanako was a hostile one at first as both seen each other as a threat toward earning Keitaro's affections. However, both develop a grudging respect toward one another as Kanako decides to back down in allowing her stepbrother to have happiness with Naru.


While greatly disapproving of Keitaro's presence at Hinata Inn at first, Naru comes to admire his sincerity and persistence thus eventually getting used to his presence at the inn. However, she would be prone to pummeling him if she came across any misunderstanding that came up when Keitaro's clumsiness led him to a compromising predicament with any of the inn residents, including Naru herself. Naru's bedroom is on top of Keitaro's room as both are able to visit one another through a hole in the floor of Naru's room.

Keitaro would gain Naru as a tutor, though their bond did develop a rift for a time when he peeped into her personal diary and read an entry that had him suspect that she might the girl he made the promise with from years ago. Both winded up failing their entrance exams to enroll into Toudai and winded up unknowingly going together to southern Japan for a retreat. There, the two would run into Mutsumi and relationship developments with Naru and Keitaro are further complicated with Seta returning to the inn and the revelation that Mutsumi could be Keitaro's promised girl.

Following a misunderstanding that led Keitaro and the girls to Pararakelse Island, the two would learn that both passed their entrance exams to enroll into Tokyo University. However, Keitaro would wind up breaking his leg on the day of the entrance ceremony at Toudai and would wind up having to miss classes for the year. This resulted in him taking a trip with America for various excavation projects during the time he would have to miss. While Naru takes over as temporary owner of the inn, she finds herself at odds with Kanako who is trying to drive out the inn's residents to take over ownership of it.

Upon Keitaro's return, Naru's hostility with Kanako escalates as both try competing for his affection. While becoming increasingly attracted to Keitaro at this point, Naru is hesitant to confess her feelings due to fear of abandonment as she feared the inn residents would leave her much in the same way she felt abandoned by her parents and Seta. She is able to overcome this hesitance by confessing her feelings to him and the two starting up their relationship. The two would come to learn of the childhood promise they made with one another and would become married at the end of the series, with Naru taking up profession as a teacher after graduating from Toudai and becoming co-manager to Hinata Inn thanks to her marriage.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Yui Horie
Dorothy Elias-Fahn
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General Information Edit
Name: Naru Narusegawa
Name: 成瀬川 なる
Romanji: Narusegawa Naru
Gender: Female
Birthday: 03/25/1981
1st manga book: Love Hina #1
1st anime episode: Love Hina #1
1st anime movie:
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