Narcissism Characters

Narcissism is a anime/manga concept
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One of the cadets of the Desert Messengers.


Julius is a member of the Oracion Seis and Demon Card in the Rave Master franchise.

Kazuya Shibuya

Kazuya Shibuya is one of the main characters in the series Ghost Hunt.


Knockout is a member of the Decepticons, notably their doctor in Transformers Prime, he ultimately betrays the Decepticons and joins the Autobots in Transformers Prime Predacons Rising.

Koji Makaino

Koji "Koogy" Makaino is a musician and mangaka in Bakuman who tries to become a successful mangaka through his popularity as a rock star.

Mint Aizawa

Only member of the Mew Mews, who can fly. She is also rich. Usually Minto is arrogant and gets in argument with Ichigo. But she really cares about her friends.

Tamaki Suou

The melodramatic king of Ouran High School's one and only Host Club.


Spanish bullfighter and Shadaloo assassin.

Yumichika Ayasegawa

Yumichika Ayasegawa is the 5th seated member of the 11th Protection Squad of Soul Society. He is extremely vain and seemingly frivolous, but much more powerful than his rank would suggest. He maintains a close friendship with Ikkaku Madarame and is very loyal to his captain, Zaraki Kenpachi.

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