Required Reading: Naoyoshi Shiotani On The Rise

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Naoyoshi Shiotani is an up-and-coming anime director-- and if you're tempted to stop reading there, let me remind you that by reading the rest of my article (and, hopefully, IffyBizness's full interview), you will have a name to drop to try and feel superior to other anime fans wherever you gather and chat. Seriously, it'll be something like this:

Dude at Anime Club: "I'm a big fan of the old-schoolers*, like Anno and Oshii, but man, I'm really looking forward to seeing more stuff from the newer guard. Mamoru Hosoda's The Girl Who Leapt Through Time just blew me away, and I can't wait to see Summer Wars!"

You: "Hosoda is such old news-- you really should be watching out for Naoyoshi Shiotani. He did a lot of work with Shinsuke Sato behind the scenes on the CG anime film Oblivion Island, and he also directed the 2007 OVA series Tokyo Marble Chocolate, both with Production I.G. And let's face it, if I.G digs him for their original works, you know he's amazing."

Dude at Anime Club: "Err...yeah! That Naotoshi Hiotani is uh, really cool, eh?"

You know I'm right. Go read the interview-- Shiotani talks about his work on Oblivion Island in particular, and apparently he had a big role in shaping the direction of the film, perhaps unintentionally. He also talks about Tokyo Marble Chocolate, which I would still really like to see.
Here's a trailer for Oblivion Island:
Aaaaand here's one for Tokyo Marble Chocolate:
* It's some random guy at an anime club who said that, not me. Anyone who thinks of Hideaki Anno and Mamoru Oshii as "old-schoolers" should do some homework.
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