Naoto Shirogane

Naoto Shirogane is a anime/manga character in the Shin Megami Tensei franchise
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A famous detective possessing an androgynous appearance whose initial persona is Sukuna Hikona, of the Fortune Arcana. Uses a revolver in battle with a Persona specializing in Almighty, Light, and Dark type skills.


Naoto Shirogane is a fifth-generation detective in a long line of her family. She would read countless classic detective stories and was happy to follow into her inherited profession. She lost both her parents in a car accident, and she was taken in by her grandfather. She soon became a well known detective, and continuously helps police officials in solving crimes. Sadly, due to the male oriented society of the police. She disguised her gender as being a boy. Though she has had many successes as a consulting detective, she is still looked down upon as being a child.

She traveled to Inaba to assist in the current rash of disappearance and murders in the rural town, but faced push back and resentment from the local police. Though she had a serious lack of evidence, a group of high school soon drew her attention.


Persona 4 PS2 (Jul 2008)
Persona 4 PS2 (Jul 2008)

Naoto Shirogane is a main character from the Shin Megami Tensei series of games and specifically the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 video game for the Playstation 2. It's the sixth game of the franchise and was developed as a murder mystery RPG with deep social aspects. It was developed by ATLUS in Japan, directed by Katsuro Hashino, and character design by Shigenori Soejima. It was released in Japan in July 10, 2008, and in the U.S. on December 9, 2008.

The series was later adapted into a manga written and illustrated by Shuji Sogabe, and began serialization in ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Black Maoh magazine on September 19, 2008. The anime adaption began in October of 2011 and is directed by Seiji Kishi.

Her first manga appearance was in Persona 4 (chapter unknown), and her first anime appearance was in Persona 4 The Animation - Episode 6 "I'll Beat You, and Beat You Good". Her character in the Japanese series is voiced by Romi Park, and the U.S. dub has not been announced.

Naoto, along with the rest of the Investigation Team members, appears briefly in Chapter 1 of the manga during the introduction pages for the series.

Character Evolution

Naoto Shirogane Concept Art
Naoto Shirogane Concept Art

Due to her posture, androgyny and choice of men's clothing, she is more often than not seen as a boy (something which she doesn't seem to mind). Later in the game it is shown that she does not dress in masculine clothing because she wants to be a man, but rather she sees it as a way to be respected. She enforces this by explaining that her age was already making it difficult to be included in investigations, and her gender would only complicate things further.

Age: 15 (16)

Date of Birth: April 27th, 1995

Zodiac: Taurus

Height: 165 cm (5'5.5")

Blood Type: B

Major Story Arcs

Powers and Abilities


Sukuna Hikona
Sukuna Hikona

Naoto Shirogane is a character from the Fortune Arcana. Her initial Persona is Sukuna-Hikona, but later evolves into Yamato-Takeru. His abilities lie in light and dark magics, as well as character augmentation.

Initial Persona: Sukuna-Hikona

Ultimate Persona: Yamato-Takeru


Naoto's weapon of choice is a revolver.

Other Media


In the Persona 4 PS2 game, Naoto is one of the numerous potential love interests. She is voiced in the Japanese version by Romi Paku, the same voice actress from the anime; and the English version is performed by Susan Dalian. Naoto can be dated, and her Social link story follows the main protagonist and her trying to catch the "Phantom Thief". Completing this Social Link allows Sukuna Hikona to ascend to Yamato Takeru.

Voiced by
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Romi Paku
Rank Game #1674 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Naoto Shirogane
Name: 白鐘 直斗
Romanji: Shirogane Naoto
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Persona 4: The Animation #6
1st anime movie:
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