Naomi Misora

Naomi Misora is a anime/manga character in the Death Note franchise
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Former FBI agent. She began her search for the killer Kira after her fiance, Reye Penber was killed

Naomi Misora was an FBI agent from Japan who was working in the United States for several years up until the events of the manga. She is said to have a keen sense of logic as she was one of the top agents of the Bureau. One of her first interactions with the detective L is in the light novel Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases. Misora had run into some issues with the Bureau and was on leave, which allowed L to rope her into the murder cases in order to stop Beyond Birthday. She succeeds in capturing the murderer and meets L face to face but does not know that it is him. She attacks him as he goes to hug her and he leaves her alone after that. 
After Misora's clashes with the FBI, she decided to leave her job in order to settle down with her fiance Raye Penber in the United States. While visiting Japan to meet her parents, Penber is assigned to tail Light Yagami as a suspect in the Kira case and is ultimately killed due to his involvement with it. Misoa, heart broken, realizes that Kira must have been behind the death of her fiance and conducts her own investigation in order to apprehend the killer. After interviewing several people and doing some research, she comes to conclusion that Kira is able to kill people in more ways than just a heart attack, deducting that Kira may be able to coordinate the date and time of the murder as well. Misora tries to contact L and Chief Soichiro Yagami with her findings but is unable to get ahold of them since they were meeting to discuss the Kira case. 
Misora instead runs into Light Yagami at the police station who finds out immediately of Misora's deductions and intervenes to get her name to write in the Death Note. Misora first gives him the name Shoko Maki as it was her alias while in Japan. Light writes it down and realizes after forty seconds that it was a false name and that he must probe deeper in order to obtain her real name. Misora attempts to go back to thepolice station to wait for the Kira Investigation Team but Light interjects, saying that he is a  part of it as well and that she can confide in him. Misora buys Light's story and reveals her real name to him. Light makes it so that Misora would commit suicide in a subtle way so that no one would ever find her body. Just as Light finishes writing down the details, he reveals to Misora that he is Kira and realizes too late her fate is sealed. She blankly walks off to fulfill the whim of the Death Note as Light chuckles to himself. 
Misora is only mentioned brieflt a few times after this instance when L gets a phone call to inform him of Misora's disappearence, which he correctly links that Misora knew something of grave importance and was killed by Kira in order to silence her.
Voiced by
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Naoko Matsui
Tabitha St. Germain
Asaka Seto
Nicole Oliver
Rank Game #617 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Naomi Misora
Name: 南空 ナオミ
Romanji: Misora Naomi
Gender: Female
Birthday: 02/11/1976
1st manga book: Death Note #2
1st anime episode: Death Note #5
1st anime movie: Death Note
Aliases Shoko Maki
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