Nano is a anime/manga character in the Togainu no Chi franchise
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'n' aka 'Nano' is an enigmatic figure throughout both the game and anime. Nano does not participate in Igura, and does not wield any weapons.


 The most notable thing about Nano is his appearance. Unlike the other characters in Togainu No Chi Nano wears extremely conservative clothes. Nano stands at 182 cm tall and has curly brown hair and blue eyes. Nano's blood is apparently the source of an extremely deadly drug called 'Line' (or 'Rain'). Despite his frequent appearance in both the anime and PC game, it is unclear whether or not Nano is friend or foe to Akira, and furthermore, most of the other characters. Nano is also very philosophical and deep, much of what he says in lost in it's own muddle of confusion.


 In the anime, Nano seems to be the omniscient voice, and only really become important during the final few episodes. Nano convinces Shiki to drink his blood, promising it will allow him to defeat Nano. Shiki does this, and overdoses on the pure Line that runs through Nano's veins. Shiki falls to the ground, apparently dead, until he rises from the ground once more.

PC Game

Main Story Line --

 Akira and Nano
 Akira and Nano
Akira meets Nano similar to the way he met Shiki, seemly by a random happenstance. Akira is instantly interested in Nano after seeing the mysterious man sitting under a tree with a book claiming that "the book won't betray me." Causing Akira to become extremely confused. After Akira beats up Keisuke the two meet in a theatre, and from there they go to Nano's house. Nano has his way with Akira. Nano is then confronted by Emma, and Akira learns that Nano and he were in an experiment and Nano's blood is pure Line, while Akira's blood is the antidote. Nano and Akira both want their freedom, so Nano kills Emma and the two escape through the sewers, and they live together happily.

Shiki's Story Line --

  In Shiki's story line of the PC game, Nano is portrayed as the villain. In the end Nano convinces Shiki to drink his blood, promising power. No matter what path is taken by the player, Shiki is victorious and Nano is killed. In the 'True Ending' Nano is able to cripple Shiki, but ultimately is defeated.
Voiced by
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Yamazaki Takumi
General Information Edit
Name: Nano
Name: ナノ
Romanji: Nano
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Togainu no Chi #1
1st anime episode: Togainu no Chi #5
1st anime movie:
Aliases n
Nicole Premier
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