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NANA is an anime series in the Nana franchise
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Junko Saotome

Nana Komatsu's best friend. Junko is also the one who appears as the host of the bonus section at the end of each volume.

Keiichi Mizukoshi

Owner of a small shop called Sabrina, Misukochi hires Nana Kotatsu for a while to work in its shop until he is forced to close down.


The editor in charge of Search Magazine and the one responsible for the tabloids surrounding Blast and Trapnest.

Kyosuke Takakura

Junko's boyfriend and art student specialised in the "Romantic" style.

Layla Serizawa

Mai Tsuzuki

One of the early groupies of BLAST she later becomes the groups manager/caretaker.

Minoru Kurada

A Photographer for Search Magazine hired track Nana O. and Ren.

Miu Shinoda

Nami Komatsu

Nana's younger sister.

Nana Komatsu

Nana Komatsu is a main character in the anime/manga series, NANA. She falls in love quite easily. Most of her friends call her Hachi.

Nana Osaki

Nana Osaki the titular main character of the series NANA. She dreams of her band, Black Stones, making it big in Tokyo.

Naoki Fujieda

Naoki Fujieda is a character in the anime/manga, NANA. He plays drums in the band, Trapnest.

Natsuko Komatsu

Nana's mother.

Nobuo Terashima

Main Guitar player of BLAST.

Ren Honjo

Nana Osaki's lover and former bass player of BLAST who now plays for Trapnest. Ren's idol is Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols.

Ryoko Kashiwagi

A woman who Shin spends a lot of time with and looks like Reira. It is revealed that Ryoko took him under her wing and taught him about the adult world as well as how to get money from women.

Sachiko Kawamura

Shouji's classmate and co-worker, eventually she ends up dating him.

Shinichi Okazaki

Shin Okazaki is a character in the anime/manga, NANA. He becomes the bass player of Black Stones. Shin is involved in a questionable practice of selling himself on the side, which causes problems for the band.

Shouji Endou

Shouji Endou is a childhood friend of Nana Komatsu's best friend Junko who she encounters at the Art academy, Eventually Nana ends up dating him; however their relation ends with Souji cheating on Nana and leaving her for Sachiko.

Takashi Asano

Married middle aged man who has an affair with Nana Komatsu for 4 months, until he got transferred to Tokyo in 1999. Nana refers to him as her first true love.

Takumi Ichinose

Leader and founder of Trapnest.

Yasushi Takagi

Yasu Takagi is a main character of the anime/manga, NANA. He is the drummer and manager of Black Stones.

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