Nana is a franchise comprised of 2 movies, 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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NANA follows two girls named Nana. After meeting on a train, they find that, though very different, they share a connection. The story follows their daily lives filled with love, heartbreak, and friendship.


Nana is a manga by Ai Yazawa of Angel Sanctuary fame that was enventually made into an anime and two live action movies, there have also been a couple of video games based upon the series. As to date (december 2008) the manga is still ongoing.


Nana Komatsu is on her way to move to Tokyo, where she wants to be with her friends and her boyfriend Shouji. While on the train to Tokyo she ends up taking the only open seat, which happens to be next to another woman of the same age named Nana: Nana Osaki. Nana Osaki is also moving to Tokyo to pursue her dreams of a music career. The two meet again by chance while apartment-hunting, they both end up looking at the same apartment at the same time. Both decide they want it, and to the consternation of the real estate agents with them who remids them that each of their rents will be cut in half if they are two, they decide to move in together. Before long each is embroiled in the other's personal life (especially romantic) as they fall in and out of love and relationships with friends and others nearby.


The Manga version of Nana is serialised in the monthly magazine "Cookie".


The anime of Nana is completely loyal to the source material each episode in the anime being about one chapter in the manga. A first batch of 48 episodes have been released to date, a second batch telling the rest of the story is likely to come once the manga ends.

Pop culture references

NANA is filled with references to known places and persons. Mainly early British punk ones.

  • Sex Pistols references
Nana and Ren share the same kind of relation bassist of the British punk band the Sex Pistols, Sid vicious had with Nancy Spurgen a relationship that eventually ended with Nancy's dead and Sid his suicide.

When Shin first auditions for BLAST he is asked to play the bass on Seventeen by the Sex pistols.

Ren is directly modelled after Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols, Like Sid, Ren also wears a padlock around his neck that Nana gave him. Sid Vicious is believed to have received this pad lock from Nancy Spurgen but he actually got it from punk designer Vivienne west wood. Early on in the story there is actually a scene where Nana and Ren are standing in front of some posters in Ren's early apartment, posters of the 1986 movie Sid and Nancy.

  • Vivienne Westwood references
Vivienne Westwood is a British designer who became famous in the early days of Punk, she was befriended with the sex pistols and they where often seen wearing her clothes. Nana Osaki is often seen with some of the trade mark clothes Vivienne west wood designed, such as the armour ring with her logo on it. The dress she receives from a fan early on is also a famous design by Vivienne west wood. As the story goes on more and more characters are seen with her clothes and jewellery.

  • Black Stones Cigarettes
The cigarettes Yasu and eventually Shin smoke are actually a real brand of flavoured mini cigars by Swisher.
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Name: Nana
Name: ナナ
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