Nana Osaki

Nana Osaki is a anime/manga character in the Nana franchise
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Nana Osaki the titular main character of the series NANA. She dreams of her band, Black Stones, making it big in Tokyo.

Born and raised in Meguro, Toyko, Nana's biological mother Misuzu Osaki walked out when Nana was four years old, leaving her in the care of Nana's grandmother Miyuki. Her grandmother refused her to wear anything pink and red as she was afraid Nana would lure men over with her looks and wardrobe just like her mother did.

In high school she would meet one of her best friends and future guitarist of Black Stones, Nobuo Terashima. He introduced her to many punk bands such as the Sex Pistols which would later on become an inspiration for her.

She was falsely accused of prostitution and got expelled from school when she didn't deny nor confirm this. Nana would blame this rumor on herself as she believes this lead to her grandmother's fatal illness. After Miyuki died Nana went out to buy a red dress, something that she never done before.

Nana wore this dress while attending a Black Stone concert with Nobuo where Nana would first lay eyes on Ren Honjo, the guitarist of the band who resembles Sid Vicious with a lock wrapped around his neck. Backstage Ren asked Nana to be the lead singer of his newly formed band Black Stones, Blast for short. Nana accepted this offer as a new journey begins.

Shortly afterwards, Black Stones begun to appear everywhere in Tokyo; magazines, posters and interviews on television. The band earned a cult following with Nana as the lead singer. In honor of her intimate relationship with Ren she would get a red lotus tattoo on her arm that represents his name in Japanese.

Everything went well as the two lived together until Ren confessed to Nana that he was offered a record deal to join the band Trapnest throughout Tokyo. The two lovebirds tried to talk about a long distance relationship but saw it pointless. Nana refused to abandon her passion for music thus, the end to their relationship.

During one winter night while riding a train fate brought Nana together with Nana Komatsu, the feminine sweet young lady who came to Tokyo to follow her boyfriend Shoji who works as a waiter. To avoid confusion with their names Nana O. gave Nana K. the nickname Hachi after the famous Shiba Inu Hachiko who's loyal.

Despite the girls different personalities the two agreed to share the apartment 707 together in order to pay the bills without running short on money. Ironically, 'Nana' in Japanese means seven which could refer to their apartment number.

Over time, the two girls become inseparable to the point where Nana became extremely protective over Hachi and became jealous over anyone who would try to take her away. Nana even physically threatened Hachi's boyfriend Shoji who was cheating on Hachi behind her back with a waitress at the restaurant he worked at.

Hachi eventually realized that Nana and Ren dated in the past and came up with the plan to reunite the couple together. At first, Nana declined the offer to the Trapnest concert but eventually caved in and decided to go. For the first time in two years Nana and Ren both laid eyes on each other. It's as if their love never vanished. Intense feelings were rekindled on that night.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Mika Nakashima
Romi Paku
Anna Tsuchiya
Rebecca Shoichet
Rank Game #684 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Nana Osaki
Name: 大崎ナナ
Romanji: Ōsaki Nana
Gender: Female
Birthday: 03/05/1981
1st manga book: NANA #1
1st anime episode: NANA #1
1st anime movie: NANA
Aliases Nana Ousaki
Nana Oosaki
Nana O
Cat-Eyed Queen
Recent Movies

Three months after the events of NANA, things seem to have changed a lot.


Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu are two very different girls, but when they meet by chance and learn that they have the same name, a ...

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