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Namekians is a anime/manga concept
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Dende's little brother.


A mutated Namekian and the spawn of King Piccolo.


A Namekian who takes over as Earth's guardian. He recreated the Dragon Balls to the model of the Namekian Dragon Balls.


One of Piccolo Daimao's offspring. He was born to fight Tenshinhan. He is a mutant Namekian.


Kami is the guardian of Earthand created the dragon balls, in order to become the guardian of Earth, even after all his training, he had to separate himself from all the evil in his heart, which became known as Piccolo. He later rejoins bodies with Piccolo knowing Cell was coming.


Katas is the father of Kami/King Piccolo and the grandfather of Piccolo and King Piccolo's mutant offspring. He has only been seen in flashback and not much is known about him beyond that he sent his son (later sons) to Earth to save him/them from an ecological disaster on Namek.

King Piccolo

Also known as Demon King Piccolo, He is the Evil half of Kami.

Lord Piccolo

In DragonBall Evolution (2009), lord Piccolo was more like Piccolo Daimao and Piccolo Jr combined. He also lacked a "good half" (Kami-sama). Lord Piccolo didn't seek for youth- he was young already. After being defeated by Goku he called himself "Neo Piccolo", dressed in all red.


Leader of a village who tried to protect one of the Namekian Dragonballs from Freeza.


A strong Namkian on Planet Namek.


A mutated Namekian and the offspring of King Piccolo.


Piccolo is a Namekian warrior on Earth and one of the Z-Fighters. Born from the Demon King Piccolo to kill Goku, he would join him as one of his strongest allies.


A Evil super Namekian seeking the power of the Dragon Balls for eternal youth. Slug is also one of the last super Namekians who were outcast except for Katas because of their lust for power.


One of the offsprings of Demon-King Piccolo (the Mazoku). He is the first person to kill Krillin. Tambourine is a mutated Namekian.

The Grand Elder

The leader of the Namekian race. The Grand Elder is the oldest and wisest Namek, and creator of Namek's Dragon Balls.

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