Namekian Dragon Balls

Namekian Dragon Balls is a anime/manga thing
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A set of seven crystalline spheres found on Planet Namek, which are used to summon Porunga to grant wishes.


The Namekian Dragon Balls were created (or at least maintained) by The Grand Elder on Planet Namek. Once all seven are gathered together they have the power to summon Porunga the dragon to grant wishes. The Namekian Dragon Balls differ to the Earth Dragon Balls in a few key ways. The Dragon Balls themselves are much larger in size, at least the size of basket balls, but are otherwise identical to the Dragon Balls found on Earth. To summon the dragon, a Namekian password much be used, and similarly, all wishes made must be spoken in the Namekian language. Porunga can grant up to three wishes, but can only bring one person back to life at a time, as opposed to Shenron who can bring any number of people back at once. However, Porunga can bring back a person any number of times, while Shenron can only restore each person once. The one-person limit on the Namekian Dragon Balls is later lifted after the destruction of the original Planet Namek. The time needed for the Namekian Dragon Balls to become active again after use is also different, it only takes 130 "Earth days" for the balls to be restored from stone, because that equates to one year on Namek.


  • The Namekian Dragon Balls may have been passed down to The Grand Elder (in the same way as he passes them down to Moori) by whoever preceded him, considering Old Kai, who is over 75 million years old, already knew about them. However, since Namekians have the ability to create new Dragon Balls, it's equally possible that the Namekian Dragon Balls were a new set created by The Grand Elder at some point, replacing previous Dragon Balls.
General Information Edit
Thing Name Namekian Dragon Balls
Japanese Name: ナメック星のドラゴンボール
Romaji Name: namekku boshi no doragon bōru
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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