Naked Body Reincarnation

Naked Body Reincarnation is an anime episode of Samurai Girls that was released on 10/10/2010

Plot Summary

Hanzou is shocked to discover that the mysterious red-haired girl who fell from the sky has a power level of 5 Million, as she is able to easily knock away her attacks and nearly kills her before Muneakira yells at Jubei to stop her.

The four samurai are then captured and taken to Sen Tokugawa, who scolds Muneakira for not showing up when she wanted him. Sen leaves them with a warning that they should not try to escape while she asks her brother what to do with them.

After some pointless bickering between the other main characters, Jubei reappears but as an innocent child instead of the badass samurai from earlier. The others try to find a mark that would brand her as a "Master Samurai," and Muneakira accidentally discovers it on her chest.

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