Nakaume is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Nakaume is Komatsu's childhood friend who trained along Komatsu to become a world class chef.


Nakaume is the heir to the famous cooking school Nakaume Gourmet School, and is an old and good friend of both Komatsu and Ootake, having trained together as chefs when they were young and having likeminded goals as chefs. After their training had concluded however, they went their separate ways and eventually lost contact with one another.


Nakaume is created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro as one of the supporting characters in Toriko.

Character Evolution


Nakaume’s appearance is almost identical to Komatsu except his facial features appear more rounded than Komatsus are, having a more rounded nose and face. His hair styled in a buzzcut and coloured black, and his eyes are a dark colour.

His attire consists of a blue formal dress suit, but in his earlier days of training as a chef, he wore a standard chef’s outfit.


Little is known about Nakaumes personality beyond the fact that he shares a passion for food with fellow chefs and friends Ootake and Komatsu. He was shown to be excited for Komatsu after he found out that he had been ranked in at the 88th place in the IGO Chef Ranking, showing that he cares very much about his friends and how well they are doing.

Major Story Arcs

Cooking Festival Arc

Nakaume is seen returning from a trip in space not long after the attack of the Four Beast as the personal chef to travel mogul Mahmai Moi. Having spent six months in space, he hears the news about his friend Komatsu raking in at 88th on the IGO Chef ranking via the Gourmet News site and is very happy for Komatsus success.

Nakaume is then seen later at the Cooking Festival itself cheering for chef Sumire as she takes to the stage. Later after Komatsu managed to make it into the finals, Nakaume went to congratulate him on his accomplishment. As he begins to ask about the location of their other friend Ootake however he is quickly moved away by Gourmet Tourism security.

Nakaume is later seen following after Mahmai Moi, his employer, only to stumble upon a secret meeting of the organization NEO for which Mahmai Moi is a part of. Kuriboh manages to knock him out before he has the chance to leave, and wonders if he can kill him but Mahmai tells him that he is a decent chef and that he could be useful to them. Nakaume later comes too and realises that several member of the IGO G7 are also member of NEO, shocking him.

Powers and Abilities


Absolutely nothing is known about Nakaumes skills as a chef or as a fighter. But given his status as the personal chef of Mahmai Moi, a high ranking member of NEO, he is likely a chef of great skill in his own right. This is further reinforced by the fact Mahmai vouches for his skill as Kuriboh wonders if he should kill him, stating that he could be useful to them in the future.

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Name: Nakaume
Name: ナカウメ
Romanji: Nakaume
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
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Aliases Ume
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