Nagasarete Airantou

Nagasarete Airantou is an anime series in the Nagasarete Airantou franchise
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Based upon the manga series. Ikuto falls overboard on a ship. He wakes up in an island called Airan. The one odd thing about this island is that it's populated by only females, and these girls have never set eyes on a boy before.




Ikuto Touhouin


Theme Songs

Opening Theme

"Days" is the title of the opening theme song and is sung by Yui Horie, who plays the character Suzu.

Nagasarete Airantou has only a single opening for the series twenty-six episode run, but it does present minor changes to the cast shown as some characters are introduced in the anime.

  • Mei Mei & Tohno- After their introduction in Episode 14, these characters are added to the events of the opening of Episode 15 and on.
  • Shinobu- Once Shinobu makes her appearance in Episode 18, she is added to the opening sequence of Episode 19 and on.

Ending Themes

The anime series has three separate ending themes.

Ending Theme 1

"Say Cheese" which is sung by Yui Horie, who plays the character Suzu.

Ending Theme 2

"Pu~!" which is sung by Akeno Watanabe, who does the voice work for Tonkatsu.

This ending is only used once for Episode 13 which ends in a birthday celebration for Tonkatsu. The ending consists of scenes of the series run that have the character Tonkatsu.

Ending Theme 3

"Koisuru Tenkizu" which is sung by Yui Horie, who plays the character Suzu.

The ending was first used in Episode 14 and was used throughout the rest of the run of the series. It has many beautifully painted background and settings. Slowly a certain character is added into the environment.

There is one empty location shown in this ending until Shinobu appears in Episode 18. She fills in that empty setting at that point.



For the most part the anime sticks true to the original story. The continuity of certain events are altered. There are some story alterations from the manga series that the anime is based upon. The most notable is the removal of some of the characters and character mothers who played a role in many of the stories the anime tells from the manga.

The anime version of the story cuts back on much of the fan service shots that the manga has. Not that the anime doesn't have any fan service at all. It's just the amount of panties shots is greatly reduced. The finale of the anime series cut off from the manga at what would be Volume 8 of the original manga. The last few episode told stories that never even happened in the manga. The manga series continued far longer and introduced more characters and events.

Michiru as she appears in the anime.
Michiru as she appears in the anime.

One character who was presented shortly after the part of the story the anime cuts off at makes a very brief appearance in the anime, but only during the closing credits and has no spoken dialog( Episode 26). Her name is Michiru. Her mother is a Snow-Spirit (yuki-onna). She seems physically weak due to her mixed heritage, but is actually just not good with the warm climate of the island. The joke in the anime is that she was present during Ikuto's arrival on the island when Suzu brought him to the first to see Obaba, but no one remembered her being there.

Removed Characters

Most of the characters that were removed were mothers of many of the repeating cast of characters. Though a few of them remained from the original story.

  • Kunai is the elder sister of Shinobu and Mikoto, who do appear in the anime. She is the teacher of the school on Airan Island. She left their mother's ninja training to be a teacher. She is also very infatuated with Togeta.
  • Chizuru is the mother of Machi and Ayane. Though she never appears in the anime. She is often referenced. Many of the scenes that she appeared in the manga were altered to fit without her. She is one of the earliest appearing mother characters in the manga version of the series. She was originally mistaken by Ikuto to actually be Ayane's older sister. He was quite flattered to hear he though she was so young. She would of appeared in what was Episode 4 and Episode 12.
  • Kokoro is the mother of Kunai, Shinobu, and Mikoto. In the manga version Ikuto was brought to her home to request he enter an arraigned marriage with one of her three daughters. Shinobu arrived later and save Ikuto who was accidentally slipped poison.
  • Nonbolio Segarl Yamada: Though he has never been shown clearly in the manga version. He was one of the original castaways on on Airan Island, and she has been shown to of influenced certain events and places in flashbacks. He was the person who influenced the the cats and dogs to draw mustaches on each other for their matches in place of actually fighting as seen in Episode 7. A mustache was selected because Nonbolio had a very prominent mustache. He was also the architect that designed Chikage's home.
Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 26
Springing Out, Airantou
1 - 25
Being Forged, Henachoko
1 - 24
Being Drifted, Message Bottle
1 - 23
Bring Me Along, Elementary School
1 - 22
Being Discovered, Blue Bird
1 - 21
Being Deceived, Ponpoko
1 - 20
Wrapped In Mystery, Detective (Part 2)
1 - 19
Wrapped In Mystery, Detective (Part 1)
1 - 18
Let's Have A Match, Ninja
1 - 17
Changing, Magic!
1 - 16
Let's Get TheT erritory Back, Leader!
1 - 15
Trying To Improve, Mei Mei
1 - 14
The Embarassed, Costumed Animal Character
1 - 13
I Wish To See You, Ikuto
1 - 12
Delicious, Bride's Training
1 - 11
Taking Ice to Ease the Fever
1 - 10
The Rain is my Friend!
1 - 9
I Want to Charm the Successor.
1 - 8
Invited by the Observer
1 - 7
Nyan is My Master / I want to look at the cherry blossoms

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Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Takeshi Fujishiro

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