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Nagasarete Airantou is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 2 manga series
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Amakusa is a Abura-sumashi Youkai (Oil Presser). He enjoys scaring people. He was sealed in an ink pot and freed.


Ayane is a young shrine maiden in training. She's petite and nearly indestructible. She's Suzu's friend, but also chief rival in just about every aspect of life. One of Ikuto's many suitors.


Bake-Bake is a ghost on Airan Island. He was released from the Jizou Statue he was sealed within when Suzu fell on it.

Beef Steak

Beef Stake is a child cow that Shinobu found on her journey over Airan Island. She has been with Shinobu since.


Beniyasha is the villain of the "Beniyasha: Man of Mystery" novels. Thought to be a fictional character, but he is all too real.


The Bluebird is a legendary creature. Thought only to be in story books. The bird is a native on Airan Island.


Chikage is the self appointed genius of Airan Island. She is a science geek who collects all the modern inventions that tend to wash ashore. She lives in the only Western-style home on the island. She wants Ikuto for her research.


Chizuru is a Shrine Maiden of Airan Island. She is the youthful looking mother of Machi and Ayane. She is a sweet woman who thinks she's a strict parent. Her art skills tend inadvertently toward the grotesque.

Den-Den Daikon

Den-Den Daikon is the first shikigami that Ayane made a pact with. He wasn't her first choice, and he seems to like the abuse a bit too much,


Etekichi is a monkey carpenter of Airan Island. He's at the same rank as Mikoto, but still skilled.


Fuku-Fuku is the owl friend of Yukino and her mother, Kagami.

Genie Makun

Genie Makun is a genie that was sealed within a book that was inside the home of Chikage. Now living with Chikage and her family.


Genjuumaru is the ghost two-tailed tanuki who is native on Airan Island. He can change shapes and is a rampaging prankster.


Gochirano is one of the shikigami that Machi made a contract with. It enjoys reading.


Hamu-Hamu is the hamster friend of Yukino and her mother, Kagami.


Hari-Hari is the porcupine friend to Yukino and her mother, Kagami.


Hatsu is the wife of Karaage. They have two daughters.

Ikuto Touhouin

Ikuto is a headstrong, shy young boy who hates to lose and prone to nosebleeds. He ran away from home and found himself washed ashore an island where he is the only boy among many girls. He lives with Suzu and Tonkatsu.


Ino-Ino is a hog and one of many animal friends to Yukino on Airan Island.


Inu-Inu is the dog friend of Yukino and her mother, Kagami.


Itaichi is a weasel senior carpenter on Airan Island. He works with Ritsu, foreman; Risa, and Rin.


Kagami is Yukino's surprisingly young looking mother. She's actually twenty-seven years old and she acts as young as she appears, if not more so.


Kamo-Kamo is the duck friend of Yukino and her mom, Kagami.


Karaage is a rooster that lives at Suzu's home with his wife and two daughters. He is also the Western Leader of Airan Island. He assists Ikuto in his training.


Kitsu-Kitsu is the fox friend of Yukino and her mother, Kagami.


Kokoro is the mother to Kunai, Shinobu, and Mikoto. A trained ninja and 37th Head of the Senkage Ayu Shinobu Clan fo Airan Island.


Koyuki is the snow spirit that travels with Michiru. It's presence helps her balance her half-youkai body to the climate.


Kuma-Kuma is Yukino's closest bear friend. She has an arc shaped mark that distinguishes her from other bears on Airan Island.


Kunai is the elder sister to Shinobu and Mikoto. She was also raised to be a ninja by her mother. She left her training to be the teacher on Airan Island.


Machi is Ayane's older sister. She's a rather lazy but skilled shrine maiden. Despite her short stature she is actually eighteen years of age. She takes great pleasure in torturing her little sister and is one of Ikuto's many suitors.

Mei Mei

Mei Mei washed ashore after a storm the same as Ikuto. She suffers from being incredibly shy. She originally couldn't talk to anyone, but once discovered has slowly started to open up and make friends. She travels with her kappa friend Tohno.


Michiru is the only living member of Obaba direct family on Airan Island. She is a skilled archer and specializes in medicine. She's a lazy girl and doesn't like the heat. She is half youkai. Her mother is a Snow Woman (yukionna).


Mikoto is a trained female ninja (kunoichi) but works as a carpenter in training. Her only real goal is to get close to Rin. She acts more like a lecherous old man. She is possibly one of the only young girls not after Ikuto.

Misaki Touhouin

Misaki Touhouin is the younger sister of Ikuto. One of the family members he left behind in Japan, but he thinks fondly over her and often.


Monjirou is the ostrich friend of Ayane. He's a swift, but not too bright of a bird.


Obaba is the oldest living human alive on Airan Island and is the village chief. She was among those that originally survived the sinking of the ship that stranded the inhabitants on the island over 130 years ago.


Panako is an elephant and maid to Chikage's home. She is said to be the most lovely lady on Airan Island.


Pandaro is a large and violent panda who is the Eastern Leader of Airan Island. He has incredible brute strength, but is one of the weakest of the Island Leaders.


Pen-Pen is the penguin animal friend to Yukino and her mother, Kagami. Despite being a penguin, he's actually rather sensitive to the cold.


Rin is a carpenter in training under the tutelage of her mother. Her carpentry severely lack when compared to her talents at cooking. She's one of the strongest and most developed girls on the island. She is one of Ikuto's many suitors.


Risa is a senior carpenter of Airan Island. She is also the mother of Rin. She often coaches her daughter on how to catch a man's heart.


Ritsu is the foreman carpenter of Airan Island. She is mother to Risa and grandmother to Rin.


Sakuya is an android on Airan Island. She runs the Tsukimitei Inn on the island. She takes her duties of the inn very seriously


Sashimi is the orca that guards the people of Airan Island from wondering into the giant whirlpools that surround the entire island.


Shimatora is the Southern Leader of Airan Island. He is a two tailed cat, and Suzu's martial arts master.


Shinobu, like her sister Mikoto, was raised to be a ninja by their mother, but she moved on to the path of the samurai. She's a clumsy girl who tends to get lost easily.


Shizuka is the mother of Chikage. She is a trained ninja and also the popular author of the mystery novels on Airan Island. She writes under the pen name of Shizumaru.


Suzu is the first girl Ikuto meets when he washes ashore their isolated island. She's popular among everyone. She was living alone until he moved in with her. She's a sweet and rather oblivious young girl.


Taiga is the Northern leader on Airan Island. He is a two-tailed tiger, and a rather serious, honor bound person.


Taka-Taka is a hawk of Airan Island and a friend to Yukino and her mother, Kagami.

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