Nadia is a anime/manga character in the Nadia: The Secret of the Blue Water franchise
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The main protagonist of Nadia - Secret of Blue Water. Naida is a 14 year-old African circus performer. She sets out on an adventure with Jean to determine the origin and the mystery surrounding her necklace, the Blue Water.


Early Childhood

Nadia was born on March 31st 1875 in the city of Tartessos, between Europe and Africa. She is the daughter of Eleusis La Arwall (who would later be known as Captain Nemo) and the young sister to Benusis (who would later be known as Emperor Neo). Like her family and her countrymen, she hails from Neo Atlantis. Soon after the destruction of her homeland caused by her father to prevent Gargoyle from world domination, Nadia was sent away for safety along with a family heirloom, a mysterious jewel called the Blue Water. Because of the color of skin, Nadia was sold to the circus and was trained to be an acrobat in order to survive life.

While growing up in the circus, the Blue Water manifested strange abilities. It allowed Nadia to communicate with animals. She became a vegetarian because one of her circus animal friends was killed. She also befriends a lion cub named King as the two grow close. And when Nadia feels in danger, the jewel would produce a flashing red glow. Nadia also become distrusting of humans because of the harsh upbringing and treatment to animal.

During the Series

Jean caught the first glimpse of Nadia on a bicycle when he arrived in Paris to enter his aircraft for the Paris Exposition. Believing to be love at first sight, Jean tries to befriend her at the Eiffel Tower only to be turned down at first. Soon a trio of jewel thieves called Gradis Gang (lead by Grandis Granva and her henchmen Sanson and Hanson) chase Nadia for the Blue Water.


By 1902, after twelve years since after the defeat of the Neo Atleanteans and the tragic death of Captain Nemo, everyone went there separate ways. A grown-up Marie tells us that she eventually marries Jean and have a son. They reside with Jean's aunt and uncle in Le Harve. Nadia remains a vegetarian when cooked a meal for her husband and son.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Wendee Lee
Yoshino Takamori
General Information Edit
Name: Nadia
Romanji: Nadia Ra Aruwōru
Gender: Female
Birthday: 05/31/1875
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Nadia Ia Arwall
Princess Nadia
Recent Movies
Nadia of the Mysterious Seas

Three years after the defeat of Gargoyle and Neo-Atlantis, a new threat has surfaced bent on bringing the world under his control.

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