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Nabari no Ou is an anime series in the Nabari no Ou franchise
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Emo ninja go Reviewed by ThePsychoGamer on Dec. 9, 2009. ThePsychoGamer has written 23 reviews. His/her last review was for Negima!. 28 out of 37 users recommend his reviews.
Nabari is an anime about ninjas that focuses more on the relationships then the action, and is actually refreshing compared to some other "ninja" anime i could think of.
  Miharu is, for the most part, a normal boy known for his apathy and ability to manipulate people. One day though he is attacked by ninja, only to be rescued by his teacher and class mate who explained that there is actually a secret world in japan called Nabari, a world of five ninja clans. Miharu also has a power sealed within him that can manipulate reality, and one of those clans, lets call them a syndicate of good willed extremists wants that power to change the world. There are basically two factions, the one that believes the power should never be used, and those who want to use it for the good of all. Things get complicated for both though when Miharu meets Yoite, a depressed person with the power to kill people just by pointing at them at the price of his own life energy. Yoite asks Miharu to use his power to make him vanish from reality. Who ever is going to use it though will need the five forbidden jutsu scrolls, each one held by a different clan.
     Nabari has a lot going for it, Th characters have a surprising amount of depth, The relationship between Miharu and Yoite is captivating even if your not into the boy love elements. The action scense prove you don't need a special attack every five seconds to be exciting, most fights will either be blade against blade, or blade against gun. The good use of generally funny humor helps the it never seems to old. The only real problem some might have with this comes when you lean exactly how the syndicate plans to use the power in Miharu to help people, calling it half-assed would be a complement. I won't go into much detail as not to spoil it, suffice to say, it's really stupid.
Depth, and action
The master plan
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