My Journey in to Mysterious Girlfriend X: ep 9 & 10

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Oka, it looks terrible
Oka, it looks terrible

Think I'm better off doing a 2 episode post at this point so let get started.

Episode 9

This was a pretty weird episode involving mess hair and look alikes. The hair portion reflects on subtle appearance changes that a one of the couple in a relationship notice. Tsubaki wasn't digging the new hair style Oka gave Urabe since it didn't fit the image of Urabe that made him like her. Urabe agrees with him on that matter and let him mess the hair up to what the original style. It a little silly but it possible that it is one of those things couples do to show their affection as well as understand if a slight change in appearance works out in a relationship. The next part in the episode deals with a lover's interest. Many like me would be scratching their heads at the fact that Tsubaki has taken interest in a idol, Momoka Imai, who looks just like Urabe when he already has the real deal. While it is a chance to get Urabe jealous in a cute way, it is questionable. Best thing I can say is that Tsubaki just want to see a Urabe that is more joyful all the time while not cheating on the real one.

Episode 10

Old love never disappears and it can lead to some sticky situation. Tsuabki's old crush, Aika Hayakawa, is back with a new hairstyle and a plan to have Tsubaki fall for him. She works with all the moves, crying in front of him so he would comfort her, pretending to have a bruise, and loring Urabe with her innocent act. While Tsubaki can be seen as being dumb with him falling for her moves and his act to help others, it is hard for him to not avoid someone who he once had a crush for a long time and he did made a smart move by avoid Hayakawa drool attempts. It is Hayakawa that we should hate on as she is persistence on making Tsubaki her boyfriend despite him saying he has a girlfriend already. Her final plan is to dress herself in her old middle school uniform in hope to lure Tsubaki in during his trip to her high school festival. However, Urabe hears about the festival from Oka and plans to go there as well, probably to settle this little score.

Our conflict has arrived, how will our lovers handle this troubling situation?


The mess hair Urabe look, it all the rage!
The mess hair Urabe look, it all the rage!
Even Oka likes it
Even Oka likes it
That's not a very friendly hug
That's not a very friendly hug
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Episode 9 was brilliant! The whole part where all the guys were exchanging photos of Urabe. It's interesting because this sort of thing still happens, to an even greater degree because of the internet and how easily it is to transfer photos and such. When Tsubaki said, "those damn hyenas," he was right. It's like a pre-internet way of looking up galleries of hot girls. But at the same time it's a subtle commentary on the notion of authenticity, having the real thing vs. imitations or copies of photos of the real thing. This commentary is also self-aware because as viewers we are watching a fictional story with fictional characters, and aren't really seeing the real thing. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF this series is so great!

Then episode 10 continues this play on authenticity. Hayakawa returns, and she fakes a lot of things to get Tsubaki to do what she says. Then all the time I'm hoping that Tsubaki will see through the "act". I mean come on! Even at the end Hayakawa is wearing a wig, and a costume, how many more layers of acting can they pile on?

I'm excited for the next couple episodes!

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This show pretty quickly went straight to the top of my current anime, which is cazy considering how much I like Fairy Tail. If we don't get a second season of this I'll be so disappointed.

@metalsnakezero: @AURON570: Guys, if you haven't watched episode 11 yet, drop everything you're doing and watch it right now. So good.

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@Daniel_Newton: Man, I would if I had crunchyroll membership =|. I have seen a few screenshots of what happens in episode 11, daaam looks like everything is coming to a head!

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