Mysterious Flu

Mysterious Flu is an anime episode of Mysterious Girlfriend X that was released on 05/19/2012

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The school sports meet is coming up and Tsubaki is ill and he won’t be able to cheer on Urabe. With a risqué idea from Oka, Urabe visits Tsubaki’s house to help him feel better.
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Plot Summary

Mysterious Flu
RomanjiNazo no Hayarikaze
MangaCh. 17 (Vol. 3)
Theme Music
Opening"Orchestra of Love"
Ending"Afterschool Promise"
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Urabe and Yajima race
Urabe and Yajima race

The girls are practicing track and field during gym class. It seems Urabe is actually rather athletic, despite not participating in any sports. Urabe declines an offer to join the track team, but is still going to represent the school with another female student (Yajima) in an upcoming relay race. Upon finding this out, Tsubaki is reminded how quick Urabe can be when using her panty scissors.

Oka feeds Urabe lunch
Oka feeds Urabe lunch

Since Urabe needs to practice for the relay race, Urabe requests that they practice during lunch break instead of after school. This is so that Urabe can still walk home with Tsubaki after school. Oka figures this out pretty quickly and teases Urabe saying, "Tsubaki gets Urabe's legs all to himself after school." Referring to how Urabe is training to run faster in the relay race. Having watched Urabe practicing with the other girls and getting closer with Oka, Tsubaki begins to wonder about how their relationship is changing now that Urabe is making friends.

Urabe visits Tsubaki
Urabe visits Tsubaki

The next day everyone switches over to wearing their winter school uniforms. Except Tsubaki, it seems he's sick and not at school. During lunch, Oka tells Urabe about how she went over to Ueno's house when he was sick and did something to cure his cold. Urabe is somewhat surprised by what Oka tells her, but was planning on visiting Tsubaki after school anyway. Urabe arrives at Tsubaki's house and is allowed in after claiming she must explain some school notes to Tsubaki, which reminds Tsubaki of Urabe's very first visit to his house when he first got sick. Urabe isn't wearing her school uniform, instead she is wearing a pink winter coat, and explains that she went home first before coming to visit.

Urabe takes her coat off at home
Urabe takes her coat off at home

Urabe explains that, unlike last time, her drool won't cure Tsubaki's illness since he is actually ill rather than simply being love-sick. Tsubaki says he will have to follow his doctor's advice and stay at home in bed, and is disappointed that he won't be able to watch Urabe in the relay race the next day. Despite what Urabe said just moments prior, she gives Tsubaki his daily dose of her drool and he almost instantly recovers from his cold, seeing a bright image of the summer sun in his head and feeling it's rays warm him up. After arriving at home, Urabe sneezes and removes her coat, revealing only a bikini (though not without her panty-scissors tucked inside) underneath, this must have been what Oka told her about.

Photo finish!
Photo finish!

Oka and Urabe are talking the next day during the track and field meet. Oka wonders why Urabe didn't let Tsubaki see her in a swimsuit, but it just turns out that Urabe was too embarassed, which is actually pretty normal. It's time for the relay race and Urabe is the team's anchor (last person to run, and the person to cross the finish line). Everyone cheers Urabe on and she seems to get a burst of energy when she hears Tsubaki cheer for her, and wins the relay race.

Tsubaki gets Urabe all to himself
Tsubaki gets Urabe all to himself

After school Tsubaki notices that the sticker on his school locker was ripped off. On the way home that day, Tsubaki says how he wouldn't mind Urabe joining the track team, seeing her do well made him happy. However, after tasting Urabe's drool he starts smiling. Urabe reveals that she stuck his sticker on her leg. So since Tsubaki smiled this must mean that Tsubaki wants Urabe all to himself.

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