Mysterious Assassin

Mysterious Assassin is an anime episode of Rave Master that was released on 01/12/2002

Shuda Arc

Mysterious Assassin - 謎の暗殺者 - (Nazo no Ansatsusha)

Released on 1-12-2002

Under Tremolo Mountain, Part 2

Released on 9-11-2004

Short Plot Summary

Haru, Elie, Plue, and Griffon realize Dr. Schneider is an assassin hired by Demon Card when Musica saved Haru's life. Eventually, Plue finds the entrance to the next Rave which is guarded by someone with green eyes.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Butterfly Kiss" by Chihiro Yonekura

"Rave-olution" by Reel Big Fish

Schneider at knife point
Schneider at knife point

Dr. Schneider leads Haru and his friends through the cave, but they get lost. It turns out that Dr. Schneider gets lost due to his lack of directions. Griffon talks about Elie's breasts and compares them to huge pair of rocks, but Elie asks what Griffon is talking about. Griffon blushes while Haru knows Griffon is thinking dirty thoughts. When Dr. Schneider calls Plue, an imp, Haru asks Dr. Schneider what he calls Griffon. Dr. Schneider stares at Griffon, and when Griffon blushes, Dr. Schneider calls him a gourd-like catfish. Eventually, Elie uses Plue to guide them to the Rave, but the group gets exhausted and decides to rest a bit. As the group sleeps, a mysterious man (Musica) sneaks in. When Dr. Schneider reveal his true colors and points his hook at Haru, Musica stops him.

The sounds of a struggle wakes up Haru and his group. Musica fights with Dr. Schneider, and he explains that the doctor is really an assassin. When Haru and Elie realize that they cannot move, Dr. Schneider explains that the pills he gave them earlier was SPW, a medicine that causes drowsiness and numbs the body. Dr. Schneider talks about being a perfectionist and why he did not attack Haru earlier due to his reflexes and the ten commandments sword. He says he has a 100% chance of killing Haru after using the medication; however, Musica stops him. Musica beats the assassin easily with his two knives. As Musica reveals his silver necklace and his ability, Haru and Elie finds out that the man is Musica. Musica ties up the doctor with his silver rope.

Plue found something
Plue found something

Musica tells Haru that he is looking for treasure in this mine, and when Haru asks Musica to help them find the Rave. Musica replies to Haru that he will keep the Rave himself because he is a bandit. Also, Dr. Schneider disappears during the argument which Haru and his group notice. As Haru and Musica fight to prove themselves who is stronger, Elie uses her tonfas to blast them. Elie declares herself captain, declares Haru and Musica as servants, Plue as Sergeant, and Griffon as Sergeant-in-training. However, Plue gets lost, and the gang finds Plue pushing a rock.

Plue discovers a large stone door with a tablet on it. On that tablet is ancient Symphonia hieroglyphs. Elie reads it, and the groups learn from Elie's reading that the Rave is inside and reckless people are not allow. Haru asks Elie about her memories, and Elie thinks she is a great scholar. Haru opens the doors and gets blast by some energy. The gang finds some green eyes.

Ending Themes

"Kokaku no Yurikago" by Chihiro Yonekura

"The Power of Destiny" by Jennifer Paige

Points of Interests

Sub versus Dub

In the sub, Dr. Schneider calls Plue, an imp and Griffon, a gourd-like catfish.

In the dub, Dr. Schneider calls Plue, a river rat and Griffon, a bottom feeder which he explains is a pig fish.

In the dub, Dr. Schneider has a German accent once he is found out by Musica.


The dub edited out the scene where Griffon looks at Elie's breasts and compared to breast shaped rocks.

See image.

Deleted Scene
Deleted Scene

Characters & Voice Actors

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