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My Ordinary Life is an manga series in the Nichijou franchise
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Hakase Shinonome

Hakase is an 8 year old mad scientist. She created Nano. She loves eating snacks, watching TV, playing with Nano and Sakamoto and staying up late. She often makes silly adjustments to Nano.

Izumi Sakurai

Izuma is the homeroom teacher for Mio, Mai and Aioi. She is soft-spoken and easily embarrassed but has a kind heart.

Koujirou Sasahara

A rich boy. He has his own servant follow him around. And can also be seen riding a goat to and from school.

Mai Minakami

Mai is a quiet and intelligent girl. She has a somewhat sly sense of humor and isn't afraid to play around with Yuuko and Mio.

Mio Naganohara

Mio is a bright and cheerful girl. She has blue hair in pig-tails held up by two wooden cubes. She is sometimes frustrated by other's incompetence (especially Yuuko), but is always caring and helpful to friends.

Misato Tachibana

Has a crush on Sasahara. She often does things for Sasahara but is embarrassed whenever she is asked about liking Sasahara. She fires mock weapons at Sasahara whenever he suggests she likes him.


Tsuyoshi's father. He owns a daifuku stand, and always asks their mascot to wear a white daifuku mask and not talk.

Nano Shinonome

Nano is 1 year old robot, created by Hakase. She has the appearance of a young adult female, except for a wind-up key sticking out of her back. Nano acts as guardian for Hakase, but more than anything wants her key removed and to go to school.


The Principle of the school in My Ordinary Life. He is bald, and is sometimes witnessed doing strange things.

Yoshino Naganohara

Mio's older sister. She likes playing jokes on Mio.

Yuuko Aioi

Yuuko is an energetic girl with short brown hair. She often tries to make her classmates Mio and Mai laugh by telling jokes or being unorthodox. However she usually ends up embarrassing herself.

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