My Ordinary Life

My Ordinary Life is an anime series in the Nichijou franchise
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My Ordinary Life is a Spring 2011 anime series with animation by Kyoto Animation, that follows the not so ordinary life of the students attending a Japanese high school and a few other characters living in the neighborhood.

Main Characters

Promotional Banner for My Ordinary Life
Promotional Banner for My Ordinary Life

Below are the main recurring characters in the series, there are a number of other supporting characters as well!

Mai, Yuuko and Mio at the zoo
Mai, Yuuko and Mio at the zoo

Yuuko Aioi: An energetic school girl. She has short brown hair and is good friends with her fellow classmates Mio and Mai. She often tries to get others to l augh by telling jokes or behaving in an unorthodox way. Sometimes Yuuko does not realize that the joke is on her, and as a result of Yuuko trying too hard to make people laugh, ends up embarrassing herself. She is also a slacker, and doesn't do her homework most of the time, and copies from Mio and Mai.

Mio Naganohara: A smart and relatively cheerful girl. She has blue hair and pig-tails tied with 2 wooden cubes. Mio is sometimes frustrated by Yuuko's incompetence, and usually tries to keep the nonsense to a minimal. Even so, Mio is generally a caring person, and will help her friends when they are in need, even though she usually does not get anything in return.

Mai Minakami: Mai is a quiet girl with long brown hair and round glasses. She is very smart and talented, even though she usually doesn't show it. Often when Yuuko is trying to joke with her, Mai will skillfully turn the joke around on Yuuko. Also she seems to have a sly sort of humor, and shouldn't be taken lightly.

Hakase and Nano
Hakase and Nano

Hakase Shinonome: Hakase is an 8-year-old mad scientist. She created the female robot Nano, and often makes various adjustments and add-ons to Nano without letting her know. The adjustments are often silly. Hakase loves eating snacks, watching TV, playing jokes on Nano and Sakamoto and staying up past her bed time.

Nano Shinonome: Nano has the appearance of a young female, except she has a large wind-up key on her back. Nano acts as Hakase's guardian and takes care of the laundry, cleaning and cooking around the house. Nano also has a hard time making sure Hakase goes to bed on time, brushes her teeth and doesn't eat too much junk food. More than anything she wants to go to school and have her wind-up key removed from her back so she can fit in with regular humans.

Sakamoto: Sakamoto is a black cat found by Hakase. Hakase made a red scarf for Sakamoto to wear around his neck that allows him to speak japanese. Sakamoto, in cat years, is something like a young adult male. He is often frustrated by Nano and Hakase's incompetence. Sometimes Sakamoto tries to lecture them. Sakamoto is often distracted by something a cat would get distracted by (like a red ball, or his own tail).

Theme Music

Opening (episode 1-13): Hyadain No Kakakata kataomoi-C by Hyadain

Opening (episode 14-): Hyadain no Jojo Yujo by Hyadin

Ending: Zzz by Sayaka Sasaki

For episodes 1-6 the above version of Zzz was used. Episodes 7-9 used an A capella version. Episodes 10-? used a Bossa Nova version.

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1 - 26
Episode 26
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Episode 25
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Episode 24
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Episode 22
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Episode 21
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Episode 20
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Episode 18
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Episode 17
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Episode 16
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Episode 15
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Episode 14
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Episode 13
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Episode 12
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Episode 11
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Episode 10
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Episode 9
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Episode 8
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Episode 7

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Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Tatsuya Ishihara
Jukki Hanada

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Name My Ordinary Life
Name: 日常
Romaji: Nichijou
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Start Year 2011
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Aliases Nichijo
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